Sayer Ji: On Philosophical/Phenomenological Implications of Covid-19

Sayer Ji runs

Remember Jewish philosopher Martin Buber’s significant distinction between “I-It” relationships and “I-Thou” relationships? “Bio-politics,” by viewing and isolating each person as only his or her “body” — now ramped up by mandated masks and social distancing — reduces each of us, each subjective I which could be in relationship to other subjective I’s as equals; each of us as a sacred, subject, a THOU! — into a (feared, or even hated) “IT” — including one’s own person!  No longer ensouled as “thou,” sovereign and free, we are reduced to bodies, objects, objectified, done.

Remind you of something? Yep. “Useless eaters.”

Once “they” complete this dramatic, evil  transmogrification, with our unwitting consent, our “compliance” (“Oh no, it’s “empathy for others!” . . .) they’ve won. Welcome to the “Brave New World” Order.

Are we going to let them get away with it?

I’ve watched the first half hour, and will finish later today.

Sayer Ji references the iconoclastic Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben as one who not only shares his views, but who has helped him shape them into language appropriate to the perspective needed to comprehend the insidiously developing global takeover. For example, in standard politics, the “nation state” is defined in terms of territory (land). But in bio-politics, the “nation state” is defined in terms of  human body population.

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