ARKCroneCast Offerings for September 26, 2020: Both about “Life In the Body,” patreon video personal; free audio philosophical

New video on Patreon:

CroneCast #41 || Life in This Body, Part I: Teeth, Gums, Bone

I look at three difficult phases in my life, all regarding my mouth, each offering gifts: 1) childhood, nine years old, braces — and independence!; 2) adult drama — failed attempts to control a “bad man” took its toll on my mouth and taught me the mind/body connection; 3) this (Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter) year’s crone drama, teaching me to truly “live from the inside out,” (Saturn symbolizes, among other things, teeth, bone, stuck situations; Pluto symbolizes rotting, purgation; Jupiter enhances the effects of both.) Not fun! But necessary, and inevitable.

BTW: Just because I call this Part I, it does not mean that Parts 2,3,4, etc. will follow immediately. Who knows what’s next? Possibly not anything (or not much) to do with Life in THIS Body. Also, something I forgot to include on the video: despite my original “small mouth/big teeth” problem, I have been a “Big Mouth,” broadcasting shocking contrarian views, ever since I woke up in my mid-20s and CAME ALIVE!. As my dear Mother, aka Lady Renee (scroll down through The Grieving Time to find posts on her final years), and whose 102nd birthday, sibling Marnie reminded the rest of us, would have been yesterday, used to say, to me: “Just who do you think you are?” (As if I shouldn’t be that, whatever it is.)  


Free offerings on Patreon and for Youtube subscribers:

CroneCast #38 || Chapter 13, Body III: Male & Female & Beyond, from the audiobook My Secret Life, Ten Tool for Transformation of the Self


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