September 25, 2020: ZOWEE!

Remember the Q post that said to pay attention to weekdays of the next two weeks in September? Well, this is the final weekday of the second week, and yes, lots has gone down during this time. Just last night, for example, I saw, on twitter, that new exculpatory evidence has been released which shows that the FBI agents who worked with the Obama administration to try to bring Flynn down, not only knew what they were doing was criminal, but that each of them actually took out  liability insurance, just in case things went south! — which they now have. As many are noting the irony:; we can thank Judge Sullivan for holding out this long, because this new evidence should make it glaringly obvious that Flynn, an innocent man, was framed by the Obama administration.

Q, today:

Plus, Trump has just retweeted this Ben Garrison cartoon.

Then there’s the list of major donors to Black Lives Matter (that virtue signaling sign on rich white people’s lawns), used to cover for the organized violence of Antifa, more or less the terrorist military wing of the demonized extreme left of the Democratic party. I wonder how many of these donors are themselves funded by Soros, or is that a separate list?

On and on, there’s so very much we can point to as incredibly telling at this late stage of The Great Awakening 2020.

How about this, indications that whoever appears in public now, is a Biden clone, with, I imagine, other clones in the wings, ready to go on stage. If he does “debate” Trump, you can be sure a fresh clone will be needed, injected with adrenalin, and answers pumped into his ear.

I just realized that this debate will be held (if it is held) on September 29,  the very day that Mars squares Saturn as Saturn turns to go direct. Whatever goes down on that date, is likely to be harsh, definitive, decisive (all Saturn) — and thus constitute one more depth charge into the collective unconscious, already PTSD’d to the max by the ongoing Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter stellium churning long-hidden gunk to the surface and now being squared by Mars through the first week of January 2021..

Yesterday and today, BTW, Mercury has been opposing Mars and the Moon, all day, working through the Capricorn stellium, to form a powerful cardinal T-cross that pushes its arrow to the missing side: Cancer, sign of emotional vulnerability, protection of home, family, community. That’s for each of us personally and locally; that’s for the U.S. (born  with four planets in Cancer and now being detonated by the first return of Pluto to its own natal place since 1776) as our national home. We are being pummeled by powerful forces, most of which we do not in any way understand or can control. Many of us find ourselves reactive, furious at — whatever!

Let us remember to stay faithful to our own unique purpose, each of us; let us stay faithful to the protection of those in our personal care, and to this entire suffering body of humanity that is counting on the U.S.A, with its seemingly divinely protected and fearless president, Donald J. Trump, to lead the way in The Great Awakening.

Finally, let’s take a step back and listen again, to channel Magenta Pixie, who views the entire complex scenario we are suffering through with what seems to me an unusual clarity and neutrality, offering a  multidimensional perspective: viewing the present moment from within a high enough dimension, she recognizes that we’ve already won, that The Great Awakening is inevitable; that various timelines that converged on December 21, 2012 set this unified timeline in motion. Viewed from within this lower, 3D dimension, however the info (and somewhat kinetic) war is ongoing, with continuous chess moves by both black hats and white hats, both of them seeing many moves ahead.

This dialogue between channel Patricia Cori and Magenta Pixie also speaks about looking glass technology in a way that makes sense to me: both black hats and white hats use it to ascertain probable outcomes of the insertion of a particular event into the ongoing unified river of time, despite both of them also knowing that ultimately, the white hats have won. However, of course, the bad guys, desperate, try one thing after another — Mueller investigation, impeachment, spygate, scamdemic, riots, voter fraud, and so on — all of which, in the end, end up backfiring, and in fact, help create The Great Awakening!

I’ve watched about 2/3 of this, and plan to watch the rest as well.


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3 Responses to September 25, 2020: ZOWEE!

  1. Catherine Watson says:

    Dear Ann – I have followed your writings for many years, since you appeared in Sage Woman magazine and your own Crone Chronicles. I read your beautiful book of your experience after your beloved husband Jeff died. I have respected your knowledge of astrology, particularly since I have so respected Laura Bruno’s opinion and you were her teacher. I have followed at times your exopermaculture blog. I bought a Garden Tower, because you recommended it. I genuinely thought very highly of you and your integrity.
    I have struggled with how to write now, but at least I will try. I am flabbergasted at the fact that you are a Q-anon follower, and some of the things you say now make me question my own intuition when it comes to who you are. I realize I do not know you at all.
    I feel sick and sad and stunned to read that you believe BLM signs are “that virtue signaling sign on rich white people’s lawns.” That is not my experience. I know people of all races and socio-economic situations who have those signs.
    I feel sick and sad and stunned to read of the extreme conspiracy theories you write about. You say we can be assured there will be a “fresh Biden clone” at the debate. You believe the many fires on the West Coast are started by people as part of a conspiracy. You show a video of young people so excited and happy about a Trump-Pence win. You show a Q-anon reference to Watergate being small potatoes compared to something called Obamagate.
    The young people I know are filled with enthusiasm and fresh excitement for a future – but not with Trump/Pence. They are peaceful, nonviolent sign-holders and protestors of all races and ages who are passionate about a very different future. None are Antifa, they repudiate that movement.
    I have many friends I do not agree with on politics. I respect that each one of us has our own opinion. I respect that you have every right to believe the things you do. For someone of your caliber of intelligence and integrity to be promoting the extreme things you are promoting makes me question you. I admit that is judgmental of me, and I do not like being judgmental of people, but I am horrified at the things I am reading on your blog these days.
    I’m stunned and sad and realize that for me, you are not someone I can follow anymore. I do not trust you. I feel you are someone I do not know at all, and never did.
    I’ve always admired your independent spirit, your unique voice. I no longer feel admiration or respect for you, and because of your extreme views, I have no faith in your integrity. You have been such a positive influence on so many people. Now, at least in my perception, you are such a negative one.
    I wish you well, nevertheless, and do not wish you any harm or bad feelings.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Thank you so much for your honesty and integrity in telling me how you really feel about who you think I am. You have no idea how much I appreciate your coming forward in this manner. I too, am stunned by the transformation I have gone through, all since I gave up my print subscription to the New York Times and began to research on my own. I’m still the same person, believe it or not! We will see more as time goes on, what’s REALLY going on; like you, I am following my nose, and attempting to widen my own perspective as the ever-widening mystery of what’s really going on continues to flummox the best of us. You might start to do some research on human cloning. (I found it far-fetched too, until I went down that rabbit hole further.) Also on donations to BLM as a slush fund for the Democratic party. Black lives matter, of course! But I’d stay away from Black Lives Matter. Very glad that your friends stay clear of Antifa!

  2. Rose Day says:

    Ann, I personally find recent comments as they relate to the ‘new Ann’ a bit confusing primarily because you have ‘chronicled your evolution’ every step of the way and
    I can only assume that the commenter may have missed a number of your posts.

    Kudos to you in this age of little to no solid information from mainstream media, as
    your site remains a clearinghouse of information that readers are free to take or leave as they wish and it is testimony to you personally that readers obviously feel comfortable sharing emotionally-charged personal opinions in expectation of a reply in integrity and understanding.

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