Poem: Ode to Autumn

Briana Petty-Olivares lived in our little Green Acres Village for  two years. A blossoming poet, and master of language even then — she was the one who came up with our simple, exacting motto — “Growing community from the ground up” —  her experience in the world is now catching up with her sharp, unexpected aesthetic to the point where, frankly, I’m still breathless as I savor this poem, its scents of Autumn and Essence catching me, over and over again, by surprise.

Brie sent this poem to me as a message first, on her fb page, then, a day or two later, made it public there. Good! Thank you Brie!

At home again
with the world,
with myself

on a knoll of prairie grass where
everything is goldenrod.
The Sun is high and the edges of leaves are
curled and gilded.
I imagine fur bodies,
small deer,
curled up somewhere, sleeping.

This utter incommunicable peace.
This vastness,
this breeze that pulls us into
another season.
That turns the stalks of wheat
towards each other
is simply the breath

we have been given,
reminding us to make
beautiful displays.
Assuring us
the bone-marrow knowledge:
in every seed, born to die.

And now,
my cells divided like
our orbit of the Sun.
In dappled light, on small dirt paths,
I am made whole.

What is happening here
as we age into autumn?
What is happening here
as the backdrop reveals new palettes, a wonder?
As the bees take their last drunken flight?

The nights get cooler
teaching us to warm ourselves.
In elemental, intrinsic worth,
to tend the true flame.

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3 Responses to Poem: Ode to Autumn

  1. lunnaris2013 says:

    Hello! very beautiful the poem and all the experiences you and your loved ones enjoy in your excellent home with the permaculture, astronomy, parties… I love poems, and I can write them too, so, last “singular” summer I fought the monothem focusing myself on enjoying beauty of beaches, baths, a curious river source… and writting about them. I don´t know if you understand a little Spanish, although maybe you can help yourself with a translator or someone that can understand Spanish… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDcV-miIBgc

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      I’ll see if I can find someone to translate. Thanks!

      • lunnaris2013 says:

        I´m silly! I can translate you, ha ha ha ha! The poem says, more or less ” Light satin/ foam soap/ nice sets/ freshness that light” “warm morning/ with clear sky/ light blue water/ yellow flag/ and the sunshine/ that a wavy bath/ three wild waves/ that towards the shore threw fear/ awaited us”. ” Oh, Llanes area!/ An exquisite touch / of light blue and enveloping satin/ that as a dressing room/new and moisturizing/
        typical of summer/ I saw it was going to work for me/ a mirror to my mind of joy gave”. “And cloudy afternoon/ of cloudy water,/ multidirectional/ with red flag /and stop whistles/ that gave us/ foamy showers/and optional claim/ to stick that alert/to the worst distance.” ” In “the children’s area”/effervescent whiteness/ with salty bubbles/ massage and tickling,/water swings/for the senses,/ marine knocker/ soap bars,/ soft tingling,/ cool forge! ” “Light satin/ foam soap/ nice sets/ freshness that light”

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