Question: what caused the fires out west? Answer: what level do you want to talk on?

Note: Let us remember, during this Equinox time when the Sun begins to move through Libra, sign of balance in relationships, that yin and yang always work together. More on that notion at the end of this post. 

Okay, what always allows fires to grow when lit? Dryness. And especially, excessive dryness. Even here in Bloomington, Indiana, the recent dry spell set not one, but three adjacent houses ablaze, just yesterday.

But, as Qanon would put it, What really causes the fires? Which means, what is the context, or framework, we should use to understand what has been happening, especially up and down the west coast?

But first, let’s ask, why is it so dry? Is this unusual? Or might either climate change or chem trails plus weather weaponization be involved. I see the climate change mantra brought up often now, but the chem trails plus weather weaponization is still, apparently, relegated to the realm of (nutjob)  “conspiracy theory.”

Okay, here are three prominent theories as to who or what is actually igniting the fires, in order from most promulgated to least:

Arsonists, Antifa or otherwise. There are enough anecdotes of homeowners discovering strangers on their property with matches, or fires set on meridians of I5, to get me to think that arson is, surely, one of the causes. Furthermore, if you picked up the message that donations to non-profit BLM (founded by three Marxists and associated with Antifa) are actually funneled through to the DNC for Democratic candidates; and if you put that piece of info in the larger context of Soros-funded democratic District Attorneys who dismiss arrests of antifa arsonists — all part of his (or his handlers) gigantic. massively funded plan to use chaos to bring in the New World Order — well, your cynicism about the motives of the left to get “protests” started, which then turn into riots, and now, fires . . .  revs up to warp speed.

DEW weapons: I haven’t paid much attention to this cause this year, but it was certainly bandied about in the strange California fires two years ago that seemed to be targeted to houses, leaving surrounding trees and other plants intact. Huh?

Lousy land management, plus human habitations in forests where they shouldn’t be. No doubt, this also contributes. But it’s when you put this third cause in what can be argued to be its possible framework, that it really makes sense. Here’s a few excerpts from a post sent to me by reader SueM, by David Rovics:

Diary of a Smoke Refugee –

When you read these excerpts, please keep in mind that the author lets us know he is an active BLM protestor who believes the George Floyd narrative, and rails against police violence (while ignoring antifa violence).

All in all, Rovics points to “unregulated capitalism” as the original cause of whatever is going on with the earth under our feet, especially out west. And I find it hard to disagree with this conclusion. On the other hand, unregulated socialism (Communism) would be just as bad or worse! When are we humans going to figure out that we need to continuously and dynamically recognize, honor, and balance all polarities, no matter what they are? It’s not one or the other. It’s never one or the other. Somehow,  in own inner lives, in our interpersonal lives, in our community lives, and in the structures we create and then allow to govern us at any level, we need to learn how to regenerate full aliveness by recognizing that, as Neils Bohr said,

“The Opposite of One Great Truth Is Another Great Truth.”

Or, as Walt Whitman famously put it:

“Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself. I am large, I contain miracles.” 

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2 Responses to Question: what caused the fires out west? Answer: what level do you want to talk on?

  1. Rich Buckley says:

    Brain Storming Fire Fighting Strategically.

    (This discussion was on a post where I felt my readers should not be introduced to the concept of off world scalar weapons. It was more important to focus on actually fighting fire not who’s starting fires and why. I did not drift into the esoteric elements of planetary solar system shifting energies, Electric Universe weather effects, Chemtrail, HAARP and other cognitive dissonance causing subjects)

    Should we consider tasking any existing Department of the Federal Government or modify an existing branch of the Department of Defense with the task of mounting high numbers of assets, quick response capabilities to CONTROL and manage forest fires? Notice the operating word here being Control forest fire.

    It wouldn’t be cheap.

    We could divide the country up into several territories. Maybe even use air bases that would change status over to strategic response bases. So the West Coast would have 4 or 5 air strips under Federal management.

    When these assets are called into action at some predetermined level of need, they would swarm assets to the fire and control it quickly with an unrelenting, unending stream of safe intervals between aerial tanker drops, one after the other like a long railroad train with large numbers of aerial tankers hitting the fire.

    If the assets deployed are great enough in depth, why couldn’t we still manage our forests, letting some stuff burn, but offering a wall of protection against populated areas. The forest management priorities could be maintained. Remember, everybody was saying let it burn until the Yellow Stone fire came over the mountain and approached the park headquarters.

    The west coast is sort of at that same point. I’m focusing on aerial response where I at least have some background. Others I assume would discuss ground crew considerations.

    ————— Second Post —————-

    I always check in with Juan Brown

    There are two support strategies being emphasized for the Air Response strategy to our California fires this season (Summer 2020).

    This covers only air response not ground personnel.


    (1) Helicopter Attack Bases , Livermore sees temporary Hummingbird base, temporary and highly mobile.


    (2) 110 out-of-state aircraft much of which require well over 4000 foot runways.


    The point being fighting fires are fought like our body immune system fights infections, all over, all at once, all the time.

    Our immune system appears to need to be beefed up substantially. Too many of us are dying from forest fires. Immense loss of capital assets. We need to find a new balance able to swarm and smother out fires to manage forests on the one hand and protect lives and property on the other.

    ——————-Third Post———————–

    Rethinking Containment and Control of a Forest Fire.

    What sometimes takes days and weeks needs to be cut down to minutes and hours.


    We can do it theoretically. Command and Control:

    (1) Delegate authority to State Level, air safety lead-in pilots, to render on site airborne authority to call up Federal air support tanker back-up.

    Train a new forestry air wing with modern tanker assets, strategically deployed around the country.

    (2) Once the State Level, air safety lead-in pilot makes the call for Federal back up, they remain on station to control and direct incoming backup Federal air tankers.

    Federal Air Tankers will arrive in mass, in a long trail, lead by their own additional air safety lead-in pilot to assess and demonstrate the line of flight inbound air tankers should take as the best route into the drop zone. Each tanker has a flight position in trail: “Airborne Federal Flight 1, Tanker 2 would have, call sign ” Flight 1 Tanker 2″ , Flight 1 Tanker 3, Flight 1 Tanker 4.

    Each Flight element is composed of 8 to 10 aircraft. A lead-in pilot is added as needed. There are 10 aircraft in each minimum size Federal Fight, in trail. Each 10 aircraft make up a flight. The fly in trail in 30 second intervals, VFR, and in visual contact with the plane ahead of them.

    (3) Taker pilots should be ready to return to base or divert to another fire on command.

    If diverted to another fire on demand, the trail of plans break off at a point determined by the original State Level air safety lead-in pilot, who calls the break off point in the trail of tankers, using “fight of 10 aircraft as the break off points.

    No mission is greater than 50 in line tankers or 5 flights.

    The experienced air-safety lead-in pilots will learn through experience where to call the break point.


    “Breaker, Breaker (Not aviation talk I know), Foxtrot Flight Leader 3, This is Cal State Fire air safety Command Pilot over the Paradise Fire, Do you read me?, Over.”

    “Roger Paradise Command ready to copy, over.”

    “Foxtrot Flight Leader 3, Paradise Command, You have the lead to a new fire target, bearing 130-degrees at 178 miles from your current position. How many tankers do you have in tow?, Over. Paradise Command will meet you over the target. Over.”

    “Paradise Command, This is Foxtrot Leader 3 in a string of flights 3, 4 and 5. I have myself and 29 tankers in tow. I can divert with 30 aircraft total, We are all airborne in route to Paradise Fire. We are armed with Red Retardant. 6 aircraft with water. Over.”

    “Roger Foxtrot Lead 3. are you VFR or IFR and what are your intervals? Over.”

    “Paradise Command we are VFR in 30 second intervals. Over.”

    “Roger Foxtrot Lead 3, lead Flight elements 3 and 4 and 5 to heading 130 degrees and proceed to your new Target. Flight 4 and 5, remain in trail with Flight 3, Expand your internal between aircraft to 1 minute. Over.”

    “Roger Paradise Command, 1- minute intervals, Flight lead 3 over.”

    “Roger Flight lead 4, 1- minute intervals.”

    “Roger Flight lead 5, 1- minute intervals.”

    On another frequency each flight is confirming information with their flight leader.


    It seems we seem to need a Gen. Curtis LeMay-like aerial tanker bombing campaign, to use airborne equipment in a continuous line, called in by the air safety command lead-in pilots (lead-in pilots by the way are always well trained and senior pilots with thousands of hours and used to talking, thinking, and looking outside the cockpit at what’s going on around them and on the ground).


    The problem seems NOT TO BE the range of the aircraft as much as it is the number and frequency of aircraft attacking in a continuous run of drops AND how long it takes to get to a level where other out of state resources are called in to assist California.


    We can’t wait days. These fires can be put out quickly if we organize attack strategies slightly.

    There is evidence:

    (1) some of the fires have been started by subversive groups during this political season and

    (2) Scalar weapons outside our atmosphere under the control of Deep State renegades and others.

    Whatever the cause, a change in attack strategy will smother the fire quickly on the one hand while allowing the Forestry Department to let segments burn as the Forestry Department may determine is good for growth and underbrush management and forest health. The key is to draw the line where the fire must be stopped and stop it on or before that line.

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