Reflections on RBG legacy, and (timed?) passing

This is just an impression, so take it for what it’s worth. My sense is that RBG featured greatly in extending to women the same rights and privileges as men, and for that she deserves immense gratitude. However, over time, it appears to me that she went way too far in this direction, and so helped set the tone for the linguistic, educational, and increasingly, surgical and pharmaceutical smearing, of the two biological genders into one another, thus contributing to the extremely confusing and “politically correct” current division into how many is it now, 58 different genders, all with their specific pronouns?

Then there is her much bandied about view that the “age of consent” for sexual activity be lowered to children under twelve, thus helping to set the stage for current attempts to “normalize” pedophilia.

Her endorsement of the landmark 1973 Rode v. Wade decision during her confirmation hearing in 1993 is another case in point.

While I agree with those who decry abortions of near-term or full-term babies as actually murder (done for profit via selling of bodies and body parts), I refuse to agree that letting a fetus go during the first tri-mester should be re-criminalized. Believe me, no woman who gets pregnant without meaning to or wanting to, finds it fun to have to abort that pregnancy. First tri-mester abortion needs to be seen as a necessary evil, to be avoided if at all possible, via birth control, abstinence, and so on.

What is missing these days seems to be any nuanced discussion of any disagreement. Instead, we are all thrown into (or throw ourselves into) various warring camps, with every “hot button” issue viewed in “black and white” terms (please, oh you thought police, don’t call me a racist for using such a phrase, okay?)

As for her death announcement. I found it mighty peculiar, given its timing during the final phase of this crucial presidential election year. I know I’m not alone in intuitively sensing that something smells. But what? Not sure. Did she really die back in January 2019, like Fox News first (mistakenly?) announced? And have there been doubles and/or clones “keeping up the appearances” ever since? No idea, but at this point in our continuing covid 2020 drama, I know that anything’s possible, anything.  

Three other strange, possible, clues, that the timing was staged.

Here’s a post from, a website that often features strong, strange points of view, this one multiple perspectives on the timing of her death:

RBG Passing: An October Surprise, Black Swan, Cosmic Curveball, Divine Intervention, or all 4?

Sorcha Faal, who I usually read with a very large grain of salt, also has an interesting perspective. And I appreciate the background information on  the apparently leading Scotus contender, “top constitutional scholar” Amy Coney Barrett: of her seven children, two of them were adopted from Haiti.

But: Would Scotus Barrett roll back all gains for women?  (I doubt it. Her own life as much more complicated and ambitious than “wife and mother” is a counterexample to the implications of the tweet below.)

“Largest October Surprise That Ever Happened” Firebombs American Presidential Race

BTW: I saw somewhere that the funeral for RBG will be private? (Not enough time until the election for drawn-out funeral event(s)?)  And that she will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery, next to her husband.



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