On New Moon in Virgo, details surface: Who funds Antifa, and why do riot arrests get dismissed? Same answer: GEORGE SOROS

On today’s New Moon, it’s time for massive, month-long analyses of Virgo detail downloads, for example, re: kingpins like George Soros.

BTW: this New Moon at 25°01 Virgo, on the Ascendant of the chart set for Washington D.C., and so very prominent there, trines (120°, harmonizes) with the Jupiter/Saturn./Pluto behemoth in Capricorn and inconjuncts (150°, stress, constant adjustments) Mars in Aries, now retrograde until mid-November. And remember: Mars, via its 90° square, continuously fuels eruptions of the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto complex through the first week of January. Expect a long, hot siege.

However, since the the above three aspects are operating during this New Moon, all these planets (Mars and Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto and Sun/Moon) form what I call a Triangle of Continuous Growth, a healthy sign for what is meant to be the focus for this next lunar month: digging down into (Mars Rx) and analyzing details of (Sun/Moon/Virgo) of the Deep State (i.e., unelected bureaucratic Capricorn) morass (Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto) that has made mincemeat of the intent of the founding documents of the United States of America.

One example, and perhaps even the kingpin example — could he be the keystone of the entire Deep State edifice? — Globalist George Soros, whose NGOs have been infiltrating social, legal, political and cultural structures of the U.S. for decades.

Now his agenda is bearing fruit. Just yesterday, this was all over my twitter feed. Newt Gingrich tells it like it is, and finds out that the truth is “verboten.”

How does this happen? See yesterday’s post, and Soros links to America’s Color Revolution. 

An unholy alliance yokes Government agencies and programs and NGOs, public to private, and it’s time we recognized it. Our sanctimonious, apolitical, philanthropic “non-profits” are rarely that.

Background? Worth watching.

Soros tentacles reach across the globe and into the interstices of a myriad of political, cultural and social institutions.

So when we discover that court charges for Antifa rioters are being dismissed by (chief prosecutor) district attorneys, should we be surprised? No. Soros has been infiltrating our justice system for decades as well.

Rather than allowing the artificially contrived “politically correct,” “social justice” divisions through which our indoctrinated educational system has unconsciously enflamed us, how about we consciously return to what it means to be an American: A nation of equals, like no other, where individual freedom of expression and opportunity are not only allowed, but encouraged and celebrated, inspiring the tremendous innovative entreprenurial attitude, exploration and discoveries for which this nation is justly famous.

The whole world awaits the outcome of the upcoming 2020 election. Others, in countries not so free, are eagerly intending that their nations follow America’s sterling example.

What better way to consciously recognizing our beloved United States than to begin to celebrate the coming Pluto return to its own natal place for the very first time in America’s history?

Here’s a tweet that signifies just that.









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