What is a “Color Revolution”? And Why Does It Matter, NOW?!?

Only 47 days until the November 3 election, and more and more we hear of  mail-in voter fraud, prolonged, disputed election results, using the military to oust trump from the White House “when he loses” (or when he wins?), Nancy Pelosi as the third in line to take over. . . on and on. I haven’t paid much attention to any of this palaver, other than knowing that November 4 onwards will likely feature civil unrest like never before seen.

And now I can put my “knowing” in context, thanks to our fiery truth-teller Tucker Carlson’s latest interview.

So. If you,  like me, have vaguely begun to hear the phrase “color revolution” without ever bothering to find out what it means, please watch this eye-opening Tucker Carlson (unfortunately cut-short) segment about the “Color Revolution” Playbook being enacted this year in the Leftist coup designed to oust Donald Trump from office, before, during, and after he wins re-election.


We might call this a form of whip-lash karma, for the same strategy and tactics that the U.S. Empire has used to “nonviolently” overthrow regimes it doesn’t like abroad now boomerangs home. And, engineered by the very same people!

For a much fuller treatment of the history, meaning, and application of so-called Color Revolutions, read through this next post. It is long, takes a while, and VERY worth it. Revolver.news claims to be the new Drudge, which yes, very definitely, did lose its way a few years ago. Not sure whether Darren Beattie, the person Tucker interviewed, is the same one that wrote the story in Revolver, but likely.

Revolver Exclusive: Meet Norm Eisen: Lethal Hatchet Man and Central Operative in the “Color Revolution” Against President Trump




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