Okay, Fellow Hot Heads, BREATHE!

Now that Mars has turned to go retrograde (September 9 – Novemberr 15), its fierce, action-oriented impulse certainly does seem to have churned up the fearful atmosphere to the point where the roiling boiling of all and everything seems totally off the charts and out of control.

Qanon dropped hints recently that September 15-19 and 22-26 (i.e., weekdays of these two weeks) are to feature big Booms, re: Justice. But hey, did Q figure in large earthquakes? The entire Pacific Northwest Plate Slipping?

9/15/2020 — Multiple Large Earthquakes – New deep M6.4 – Pacific Northwest PLATE SLIPPING NOW

Next question: are the earthquakes and the slippage natural events, or designed, planned, timed, like so much else is or seems to be during this phenomenal Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter year when everything, simply every personal, social, political, cultural form we’ve taken for granted for years, decades, centuries, is either crumbling to dust or morphing out of recognition, to the point where, our thick stuck Saturnine EGO containers finally give up and let in the Mystery:  Literally anything is possible, anything!

Furthermore, who knows how far back any so-called “chain of causation” goes?

As my favorite philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein, once put it: “It’s difficult to go back to the beginning, and not go further back.”

Next question: is linear, billiard ball  “causation” all part of the Newtonian and left brain logical circuitry that we need to learn to burn through with our field-aware right brains and open hearts? Is this what we mean by 2020 vision?

Maybe so: Consider this brilliant cartoon: Does it not seem familiar to the inside of your (left) brain? It sure does mine: full of rage, fury, but at what? What “caused” what? What? Lots of answers. Not enough questions.

Might we begin to consider anyone’s naive, biased, and/or expert opinion of “what’s really going on” as inevitably, stupidly, partial, incomplete, and in any case, changing, moment by moment.

I’m reminded of the Buddhist phrase, which I remember as  “co-dependent arising.” I.e., rather than linear chains of causation, let us learn to see everything (including all bits and pieces of info/disinfo/misinfo called “news,” faked, spun, or otherwise) as conditioned by and complementary to everything else, and all of it rising and settling at once, inside and out, of you, me, each of us breathing eternally in concert  with the inexhaustible living source of all that is and is becoming.

The Central Concept of Buddhism: The Teaching of Interdependent Co-Arising

Okay, fellow hot heads, BREATHE! In, out, in, out, forever and ever, Amen!

let go let go let go


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4 Responses to Okay, Fellow Hot Heads, BREATHE!

  1. sylvia says:


    this cheered me right up and also reminded me of the work I need to do

  2. thymia17 says:

    Good practice, whatever’s going on. Getting riled up seems to play right into “their” plans, whoever they are. But Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying, no climate change deniers, who don’t admire Gov. Inslee, say some of the fires were set deliberately, for political reasons (and Heather seemed mad about it).
    BTW, if it’s climate change, why 0 problems in British Columbia?

  3. From channeling by Wynn Free and Terry Brown,

    The working part of this podcast starts at 30:00 minutes.


    I’ve followed Wynn Free, read his book, and listened to Terry Brown channel The Elohim for years. What makes this podcast unique is The Elohim explain how prayer works, what they see as they listen to us in prayer. They see mathematical icons of probabilities merging. They aren’t visualizing A+B=C, they are looking at math equation icons (apparently you get used to short cuts after 15 billion years). They then choose to rearrange the icons to pull together the most favorable probabilities to create the group’s new timeline. They refer to this process as looking through their magic mirror. And even more interesting perhaps, what makes consciousness work.

    There are also off hand, oh by the way, brief notes during the channeling that mention off world “scalar weapons used to the spread of the fires. “

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