Potent Plandemic Potions to dispell the FEAR virus

Just returned from morning walk with Shadow on the IU campus, and I estimate 95% of the students were masked while walking around, even running and biking. Gone is my sense of hopefulness from yesterday’s walk . . .

(Oh, and BTW: speaking of clones, doubles, actors, and facelifts, all used to MASK, in a more profound way than usual, “the original,”  on today’s walk I realized that I forgot to add the “elixir of youth,” adrenochrome — the adrenalized blood of terrorized murdered babies and children — to the mix.)

Wish I could just shake the millennial masked ones on campus, walking along oblivious and/or guarded, while glued to their screens, loose with this exceptional video from an Australian, sent to me by friend and former neighbor Sylvia, now in Holland. This man cites exactly the types of statistics needed here and everywhere to put the covid psy-op in the kind of perspective that can,  if repeated enough, serve as alternative programming, to pop the shut down brain and heart wide open.

Now let’s address causes. And we’re not talking “germs.”

I haven’t put this up before, but it’s time, Here’s Seth, perhaps the most interesting channeled being I have ever come across, his view of the nature of mass events, including epidemics.

Here’s an ayuravedic perspective, gleaned from writings of 2200 years ago.


The main cause of epidemics: unrighteousness. Sound familiar? More:

I thank my former brother-in-law John for the above, and it feels wincingly poignant, given that I had just asked him how Seattle’s air quality is now. Here is his response:

Finally, Julian Rose, also in Europe, long an organic farmer and organizer who practices what he preaches, sent an email today exhorting those of us who are waking up from the current matrix reality to really look at, and change, all the various ways we still support the old order that is fast morphing into the Fascist Agenda 21-30 “New World Order.” In Freedom or Fascism, he begins: “Here we are. No more speculation about ‘what awaits around the corner;’ . . .”


Freedom or Fascism(1)

In other words, begin to exercise your freedom, starting right here, at home, in your own heart, and from there, spread outward. I’m reminded about my own beginning: When I realized that my own “energy footprint” would be cut to one third if I invited two other people to live in the two extra bedrooms in my home. That one decision, I can look back now and realize, ignited what has become the Green Acres Permaculture Village.

You never know what a single, simple — but, it turns out, significant — decision will lead to. Begin now to exercise your freedom to create, breaking through technocracy’s soul-sucking forms, habits and routines, already crumbling thanks to this year’s relentless Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto stellium. Each decision shifts you further from the old matrix timeline and and opens yet more choices, each of which, when righteously decided in the interests of loving intent and full freedom from fear, continues to open the floodgates of a wide, deep, flowing, inexhaustible energy.

(And of course, there are times when we must face our fear, even fully embrace it, in order to erase it . . .)

One by one, each of us, moment by moment, acting with righteous intent and fully loving aliveness, create conscious choices; each choice compels conscious actions, which in turn, shift the entire universe into fuller coherence; together, moment by moment, acting in concert, we continuously enlarge the mighty river flowing into the oceanic unity of our deepest soul’s longing.  

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4 Responses to Potent Plandemic Potions to dispell the FEAR virus

  1. Comments I hear my own grandchildren making….. “No, I don’t want to go out front; the virus will get me.”

    The back yard is okay, so we reintegrate back into life slowly.

    That’s life near the coast and inland 30 miles -The Blue Zone.

    Go inland just 60+- miles and other family member attitudes are totally different, The Red Zone.

    I treat CV-19 as a Bioweapon with long term, permanent life altering repercussions on all society. So I take it seriously. As a bioweapon, there is always a back door key. The key is immune system health explained here https://youtu.be/O1Vofr7IpY8

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      I view immunity in a holistic manner: body/mind/soul, plus finding all manner of ways to work with the stress of the fear virus ocean currents that I sense are way worse than any bioweapon, no matter how dastardly.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Interesting 30 mile blue zone, then red zone beyond. Here it’s blue zone in this academic town, and red zone just outside.

  2. rose day says:

    “Gone is my sense of hopefulness . . .” Wow, I can so relate to the creeping despair as I too recently witnessed an eye-opener in my local market when a customer adjusted her mask to ask a question of customer service and adjacent cashiers began to very loudly and very rudely demand that she wear her mask properly.

    I have shopped this market for years and much of the staff have been employed as long and have been consistently helpful and friendly. The outburst was really out of proportion and the unease among fellow shoppers who witnessed the incident was palpable.

    For the moment I look upon the incident as a possible manifestation of that which purportedly can occur regarding oxygen-to-carbon dioxide imbalance in relation to pro-longed masking and I feel for workers who have no choice in the matter.

    Management in general may eventually be forced to address such issues because for me personally, observing the incident was distressing to an extent that I no longer wish to frequent this particular market.

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