Another Plandemic-Inspired Compilation: MK Ultra, CIA, Trump, Quotidiana, and WHAT ABOUT CLONES?


Still think that calling the plandemic a psy-op is a crazy “conspiracy theory”?

See zerohedge:

MKUltra & The CIA’s War On The Human Mind



Still think President Trump is a bumbling idiot? Even the Bezos-owned leftist wapo has now allowed in this opinion piece. Blew my mind!

The haters won’t admit it, but Trump’s UAE-Israel diplomacy is an extraordinary triumph



Here at home, Bloomington Indiana, today’s local paper perked me up, re: the plandemic psy-op. Front page, above the fold, a story about a cross-town football victory. Count ’em: only one mask!

Of course, the paper chided the students in the first sentence of the first paragraph:

“Bloomington High School North fans, many standing close together without wearing masks over their noses and mouths, cheer for the Cougars from outside the fences Friday night during the Bloomington North-Bloomington South football game. Fan attendance inside North’s stadium was limited because of the COVID-19 pandemic, so many fans gathered outside the fence to watch the game as best they could.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrrow’s front page features their punishment.

On my walk with puppy Shadow this morning, we strode through the glorious Indiana University campus. In nearly 5 miles, saw a total of about 15 people, 7 of them in a group, and only two masks total! YES! This, despite voluminous, and often quite large, signs about mask requirement, and how they show “EMPATHY” for others. Yeah, right . . .

Last night I got a text message from an unknown person:

Hi I’m Jon, volunteering with the Democrats. Is this Ann?

Yes, and I’m for Trump.

And now, the surprising, and very gratifying, because both civil and kind, return text:

Thanks for your time. Have a great day β€” stay safe!

He could have left off the “stay safe” mantra, but then, that’s all part of the psy-op, this pretend caring for each other that covers, at times, real caring for each other!

So VERY confusing, eh?

So now, time to get really confused.



Okay, how about figuring out the whole business of people substituting for other people via the use of actors, doubles, and clones. (Oops! There’s always “facelift” to explain differences!) And how many different types of clones? And what’s the difference between an actor and a double. Is a double a doppelganger, or just an actor who looks so much like “the original” that you could swear it is?

I’ve been on to this substitution drama for a long time. Just think about all the various figures posing as Hillary Clinton, for example, over the years. The Hillary that appeared at the George W. Bush funeral especially comes to mind: youngishlooking, not at all the real Hillary. Very obvious!

Or how about the 911 anniversary a couple of years ago when she stumbled and had to be supported on both sides, then basically dumped into the limo. Supposedly taken to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment, and then emerged, several hours later, walking up and down the street looking chipper as hell, and obviously not the same woman!

Kamala Harris is another one. Teeth seem to have been rearranged. Eyes very different now. Michele Obama’s teeth, also. And then there’s Basement Biden, who Utsava the psychic says, is a “malfunctioning clone.”

Here’s Utsava’s latest message, where clones figure strongly.

P.S. The above message is meant to be only for patrons. Pleas subscribe to her patreon account, Only $5/mo. Well worth it.

And you might go through this Santa Surfing tweet. Lots of examples:

I also remember β€”Β  (can’t tell you where now), Charlie Ward? Charlie Freak? Also known as “the two Charlies” and both very interesting. Check their youtube channels β€” somebody named “de-coder” talking about the thousands upon thousands of DUMBS and DUMBS under other DUMBS, with tunnels connecting, all over the world. If he is correct, then we begin to see the supposedly solid earth as a sort of honeycomb . . . In these tunnels (which others claim hide thousands upon thousands of trafficked children), he says that there are cloning factories. That celebrity clones are made in batches of six, and really famous ones in several batches of six. Says that as long as “the original” is alive, then there can be “psychic entanglement” with his or her clones, which gives them a longer “life.” But once the original dies, they need to be replaced every two months.

I know. Absurd. Amazing. But this, from 2016:

More Scientists Now Admitting Human Clones A Reality

Here’s Bennett Lee Ross on cloning: succinct, and scary:

If you want to dive in deep:

Telling the difference: Clones, doubles, and what’s in-between.

And of course, we might ask, what about the soul? Where does the divine aspect of the human being figure into this confusing morass of theories about cloning?

And even more germane (if that is possible!) Why clones? Well, on a personal level, it might be a way for some people in the 1% to try to attain immortality, β€”just keep cloning their consciousness. Gag. On a political level, especially during these climactic years when the Deep State (Cabal, Illuminati, 1%) is being drained of its energy, it might be because, unless “Trump and the Patriots” (including the Q-team, and “The Plan,”) do leave many of the political and other celebrity figures apparently alive during the span of time that they are actually being locked up or eliminated, a time when most people are still only barely beginning to endure “The Great Awakening” to the evil that has ruled our world for so many thousands of years, there might be a ruckus arising among the uninitiated so powerful that it would be extremely destructive.

In other words, the point is, apparently, to drain the global swamp, an inherently messy business, while revealing, as slowly as necessary so as to not cause terminal panic, what is really going down.


Geez! Saw this on my walk this morning. A seed pod, apparently, but from what? (It was below a bush of some kind, or a small tree, can’t remember.)

And you know damn well what it reminded me of.







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3 Responses to Another Plandemic-Inspired Compilation: MK Ultra, CIA, Trump, Quotidiana, and WHAT ABOUT CLONES?

  1. James says:

    that “seed pod” you found is the fruit from a Kousa Dogwood. They bloom in late summer and set fruit in the fall, unlike American Dogwoods, which do their thing in the spring. I have one in my yard and it’s dropping these now.

    They are edible, but the ones my tree produces don’t taste all that great, and are quite mealy. If you were starving, they’d be welcome as food, but that’s about it. There’s such a huge quantity of them at my house, I think I’m going to try this year and see if they will ferment into a decent tasting wine ….

  2. James says:

    Well, I guess I just have a bad tree then, because mine never taste delicious. I’m jealous πŸ™‚

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