911 Compilation on 19th anniversary

First, the hologram/holograph theory re: the planes that supposedly hit the two towers makes more and more sense to me:

First, see what DJT said on the very day of 911:

Get that? How could an aluminum nosed plane go through steel walls (and come out the other side . . .)?

Then, two videos, the first from the fabled John Lear:

The next  from Sylvia, now back home in Holland, a young mother who used to live here in Green Acres neighborhood, and with whom I took the Permaculture Design Course in 2005-06. It was our “practicum,” a permaculture design for this neighborhood, which got the ball rolling for our amazing Green Acres Permaculture Village.

From her email this morning:

It’s funny how i never felt that strongly about the ‘conspiracy theories’ about 9/11 (didn’t dismiss them out of hand either) but now that this current plandemic is so obvious to me, it makes all the other lies also more obvious …
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  1. Hey there Ann…
    Just wondered if you are able to get on Qmap today? I am unable to access it. I am wondering how long this will last??? VK

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