Is it time to watch “V for Vendetta” again?

Watch. And learn. Future proves past. Predictive programming works! — on those who are still asleep.

It stuns me that most people are still so mind-controlled by the fearporn virus. That the global Neptunian atmosphere is still totally infected with this sticky, gunky miasm. When will the air begin to clear? The Sun itself opposes Neptune tomorrow (which it does once per year). Let us intend to activate (Mars) a 24-hour period of illumination (Sun), seeing through the fog of Neptunian deception, illusion, to the Neptunian love and surrender to our soul’s longing.

You might want to review this piece:

Neptune’s role in the ongoing Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto with Mars line-up — Exopermaculture

Meanwhile, please throw your television away. Thanks.

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