“The Wages of Perpetual Fear,” plus signs of unrest . . .

The atmosphere of F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) continues to infect the (Neptunian) etheric ocean within which we all swim on this planet. And yet, I spot rivulets of furious defiance and gleaming courage beginning to spiral through this thick, turgid oceanic gunk — at least on MY twitter feed. How about yours? Or have you signed up for twitter yet? It’s still the best news feed around, despite the mounting censorship.

First, it’s crucial to recognize how sustained fear demoralizes us not just mentally and emotionally, but biologically.



Under a long stream of fear (like scary headlines), our thinking breaks down. Let me put that very simply: You may be very bright in essence, but when you consume hours of fear every day, you become stupid. And please understand: This is biological. Your brain operations become those of a stupid person. (And yes, I’m using “stupid” very unscientifically.)

Also bear in mind that fear works. The people selling fear on TV, web pages and social media are being rewarded for it. They have become, using my terms loosely but not unfairly, drug dealers, selling damaging material that people become dependent upon. Moreover, these are professionals. Social media companies are fully aware that their business models depend upon people being addicted to them. They are careful to keep them addicted.

The fears people consume, then, are coming to them from people who are cashing in from it.


Then, a few nuggets from my twitter feed just from the past few days:

First, “the science.”

Look at this entire thread. It turns out that the person who mixed up the two rates was, guess who, Antony Fauci.

Next, a few interesting posts putting the fear into a larger context. Who knows what’s real, eh? Especially as far as “the science” goes. Tests, for example. Geez!

Then, there’s the ever-present greed, here in a university setting. Plenty of others to choose from, including, of course how Gates and vaccine makers are poised to make boatloads of money with NO LIABILITY.

And here comes the good news. For there ARE signs that the mass mind-control  is breaking down. A few examples:

Here’s a man who actually takes action in public, with those he meets. Let him be an example to the rest of us.

Oh, and if you’re worried about Trump converting to pro-vax, I wouldn’t be. Likely 5D chess, as usual.

Finally, might we attempt to somehow — persuasion? no, that won’t work; middle of the night stealthy disabling? hmmmm . . . turn our normie friends’ and families’ television screens off?  What would happen if they had a few moments free of fear? Might they get used to it? Might they punch through what is masking their intelligence internally to actually begin to join us?

We who have awakened have no greater desire.

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  1. rose day says:

    Thank you for this excellent compilation . . . a veritable clearinghouse of information!

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