This Latest Violent Uprising in America? What’s Up, Folks, What’s REALLY Up?

Thanks to for this find. Just one video is enough for me. I’ve now subscribed to Blue Collar Logic’s channel. YES!

Meanwhile, did anyone notice the symbolism of Sunday’s Kentucky Derby winner AUTHENTIC, leading all the way, beating favorite TIS THE LAW?

We need Law and Order, yes. That’s the essential first step, or we’ve lost to the forces of chaos that Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto threaten.

Remember, Pluto governs the life force, as it cycles through the birth, growth, decay, death, rebirth cycle.

So. We  already witnessed the slow, agonizing exposure of the formerly unacknowledged child trafficking and sacrifice that powered the old order (the swamp) via blackmail and bribes for decades, if not centuries.

That old order doesn’t want to give up, of course! Do you blame them? It’s been a long run, full of greed for the few and slavery for the many.

So now. Before the new birth, birth pangs. The laboring. Will the child of the new culture to come be born fully alive? Will that child then be treasured and nurtured, rather than snuffed and eaten? It’s up to us, all of us and each of us, alone, and together, all-one.

Let’s come together, unify, take the next step. Become our full selves, each of us, Stop getting our “identities” through indoctrination into manipulated groups. Rather, who are you, really?? Why did your unique and beautiful soul decide to incarnate into a human body/mind on this beautiful planet at this climactic moment in human history, herstory, ourstory?

Yes. Let us be or become AUTHENTIC, i.e.,  “acting upon one’s own authority.” Each of us is the auth-or of our lives. Each of us, powering to full capacity and fully expressive,  cooperating, networking with other fully expressive beings, WILL transform this sorry world into the paradise it is meant to be.

That’s the evolved meaning of Aquarius, folks, the sign that both Jupiter and Saturn will both enter, conjunct one another, by order of divine timing, at 0° Aquarius! — on the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2020. 

And BTW: check out this meme. Yes, Good Idea! On September 15. Let us rip off the masks of all kinds that we have used to shield ourselves and others from who. we. really. are. Wake up! It’s time.

P.S. Just noticed latest Q posts: Worth pondering. #4635 and #4636.  See




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  1. One of the toughest, smartest guys I ever met in my life, former US Marine Corp Fighter Pilot, Shot Down over North Vietnam, survived nearly a decade as a POW in the Hanoi Hilton, …. sent me this brilliant video.. Enjoy

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