Neptune’s role in the ongoing Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto with Mars line-up

Thanks, @grid-matrix, for the nudge to overtly include Neptune in the mix whenever mentioning the ongoing “suppurating sore” I call the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto mix in Capricorn that is busy undermining the foundations of and indeed threatening to detonate, all human-made forms and structures, at every level — personal, social, political, economic — and in every area — medical, media, education, business, entertainment, government — both visible and invisible, much of which we have taken for granted for decades, if not centuries! And in every situation, what’s being exposed is “the shadow,” that which has been hidden, that which lies underneath —  decrepit, ugly, not just corrupt, but vile, nasty, intensely horrific, especially concerning  the innocent and vulnerable children of our world who have long been treated as an extremely valuable commodity by the ponerological deep state entity that snatches, corrals, hides, cages, trafficks, and tunnels them to be raped, tortured, killed, eaten, and bled dry for their adrenochrome (adrenalized blood from terrorized death) — said to be the “elixir of youth” for the masters and their minions of the 1%, most of whom are blackmailed via pedophilia to obey orders from above.

Now let’s consciously add Neptune to this mix.

Every time, in my voluminous Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto posts, I’ve used the word “atmosphere,” which is most of the time! — think Neptune, that  that mysterious, boundless, formless, dissolving, invislble energy that fills and surrounds all Saturnine forms, an atmosphere that,  this year 2020, has gotten thoroughly infected by the virus called F.E.A.R.

Neptune works in tandem with Pluto, and has done so for nearly 100 years, since both are outer planet energies that move exceedingly slowly (Neptune 165 year cycle, Pluto 248 year cycle) and just so happen to have been tightening and loosening in a harmonious 60° sextile relationship with each other since late 1942. That’s nearly 80 years now, and though they’ve both changed signs several times, their sextile continues for the foreseeable future of any generation now alive. All of which means that they, you might say, naturally support and buttress each other’s zeitgeistian mission: Pluto, the purgation of shadow material, all that lies underneath and must die in order for something new to be born, and Neptune, offering cover (lies)  for the uncovering, and/or confusing diffusing, demoralizing any situation to the point where we give up trying to figure it out.

All the lies? Neptune. All the Saturnian layers upon layers of deception? Neptune. All the awful gunk revealed? Pluto. The hugeness, the voluminous enormity of it all? Jupiter.

Remember this, however:

In its highest form, Neptune is the planet of boundless impersonal LOVE, that which fills and fuels the universe. Neptune is the “higher octave” of Venus, planet of personal love. Anyone with a difficult aspect between these two, like myself, must let go let go let go of personal love, over and over, allowing it to dissolve into the boundless.

Letting go of that which attracts, allures, beguiles, that dreamy idealistic vision of one-to-one personal union “until death do us part,” is not easy. After all, we humans are in bodies, alive on this  planetary body, and, in the main, we learn about ourselves through the mirroring involved in one-to-one relationship with the Other. Thus, we naturally resist Neptune’s higher purpose: the idea that Love, that ineffable spirit, pours through us when we open to receive it, move it through, let it go. Instead, we fixate upon some one Other as the one who is loveable, and thus, with whom we have “fallen in love.”

Without using the language of astrology, I detailed the history of my evolution in recognizing the primacy of Neptune over Venus here:

A Discourse on Love

Here’s the situation this afternoon:


Neptune at 19°43 Pisces, as usual, sextiles Pluto (with Saturn, Jupiter). Remember to notice, also, that since late July, Mars, today at 28° Aries, has been “triggering” the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto complex, from Aries, via a tense square (90°), and will continue to do so until the end of the year and into the first week of January. We are in for a long siege of hot-blooded, foolish, impetuous, Arian behavior from those who are mainly unconscious and/or mind-controlled (think Antifa especially); and we are in also for a long siege of surging courage rising up from the grassroots, over and over again, in many ways, defying both the rioters and the Saturn/Pluto draconian orders and lockdown, taking advantage of the cracks opening up as the no longer viable structures disintegrate.

Mars doesn’t usually stay in one place for so long. With a two-year cycle, it usually moves through one sign in only two months. But, wouldn’t you know! — not this year! Mars turns to go Rx on September 9, and backs up until November 14, when it again turns, to go direct, at 15° Aries. Thus, the forces of Arian independence and Capricornian tradition, hot-blooded action and clamp down resistance, new beginnings and holding on to the old, will continue to battle each other through the end of 2020. Not fun. But necessary, apparently, and perfectly timed for the finale to the takedown of the deep state cabal, which, more and more, really does seem to me to be happening.

Meanwhile, note today, the Moon now at 23° Aries approaches Mars, moving about one degree every two hours. This particular evening  and nighttime will likely feature another flame-up in American cities, already under siege.

Breathe. Steady yourself. Surf. BE! HERE! NOW!




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