ARKCroneCast Offerings for September 5, 2020: Audio (Body 3: Male, Female, and Beyond) and FREE Video (Living the Catastrophe, Part 2: The Unexpected))

This week’s new CroneCast offering for patrons is another chapter from MY SECRET LIFE:  Ten Tools for Transformation.

CroneCast #38 || Chapter 13, Body III: Male & Female & Beyond

Producer Gabrielle says she wishes to read part of this to the group at Green Acres Permaculture Village around our first autumn bonfire, if not sooner during this strange time. She was especially moved by the ending, “Earth Mysticism.”


FREE on Patreon and to Youtube Subscribers:

CroneCast #35 || Living the Catastrophe: Part 2, Expect the Unexpected



Description: As Part 1 covers expected “doomsday” catastrophes, so Part 2 covers totally unexpected catastrophes. And when they occur in the political, cultural realm, now known as “false flags.”Origin of the phrase, usage. False Flags in the 20th century: World Wars I, II, Vietnam War, Iraq War; Assassinations, “Lone Male” Mass Shootings. False Flags in the 21st century: 9/11, terrorism, Wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, mass shootings (13 since year 2000), and finally, the big one, even bigger and much more damaging than even 9/11: COVID-19 Plandemic, destructive, ongoing, fear-mongering, and behavior modifying. As usual, we have only two choices: Fear, or Love. The first contracts, the second expands. Choose wisely.

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