Jon Rappoport: On Covid-19, or, SUCKER’S DISEASE

I began blogging on this plandemic (that has already lasted way too long) back in March by featuring several posts from Jon Rappoport, because I saw him as as the single best source of how to view the then, we thought, temporary — “two weeks to slow the spread”— maelstrom into which we are still descending.

Today, I point to him again, his latest post, and for all the same reasons! Nothing has changed! In fact, the primordial Fear has sunk in deeper, clogging the tiniest of itsy bitsy spaces between any two smeary points, in any area of life, both inside and out. Why?

Well, in the short run, because, yep, it’s a presidential election year, indeed THE most important presidential election year in U.S. history, guaranteed to either make or break this nation whose idealistic vision for what is possible in human society is known far and wide as a beacon: the amazing INDEPENDENCE and FREEDOM of its citizens, which has resulted in over two centuries of extraordinary inventive and creative technological and other achievements.

Huh? Independence? Freedom? What happened?

Because, remember, it’s the only game in town, this Covid! The only one. Nothing else matters! All other matters are immersed in its murky, germy light! Our entire swampy psychic/social atmosphere is completely infected with F.E.A.R, and no matter how independent and aware you think you are, you still have to either brush Fear off  or move it through continuously, lest it contaminate you, body, mind, and soul..

I have never seen or felt anything like this fearful emanation, Have you? This is a first, at least for us Americans. I imagine German people could enlighten us on how they were insidiously infected with fear, too, for them of Jews, back in the lead-up to World War II.

But World War III? Hell, no need for bombs, or armies, or mechanical or even electronic weapons of mass destruction. Just endless, repeated MSM and “expert” propaganda; that plus designed and inadvertent confusion, leading to demoralization; and of course, buttressed by the religion of scientism, the public’s irrational fear of their own bodies, as well as of the big bugaboo Death; and let us not forget to mention the already strange fake education, media, medicine, entertainment, sports, religion, consumerism, on and on and on that has infected the body/mind politic and rendered most people addicted to screens, outside authority, and morbidly unhealthy, drugged, alcoholic, you name it! “conditions.”  The dis-ease of being ill-at-ease in our own naturally wise bodies infects us all, and so all  of life gets skewed, twisting in the smarmy covid wind, no area of our sensuous and imaginative experience untouched! All and everything imbued, spoiled, poisoned, with this misery called COVID: Cover Over Various Independent “Dis-eases.”


I really had no idea that most people could get this snickered, so much so that there is nothing really that “the authorities,” “the experts” need to add now, just keep on pumping Fear Fear Fear into the murky air of the “invisible enemy” and we will cower, bent over, lower and lower, on our knees, licking the shoes of our oppressors, begging for more, more, more, anything to keep us from actually WAKING UP into the initially painful process of recognizing who we really are: independent, conscious, aware, loving ensouled human beings embodied here on this beautiful planet Earth to express ourselves fully in cooperation and celebration with all of creation.

As an old female healer once murmured to me, during a very troubled time when I very much needed to hear it:




Signs of hope (hopium?). Just this morning, I was in line with puppy Shadow and two old men, all  “properly distanced,” in our local credit union. All three of us were wearing our masks down below our noses. YES!

So here’s Jon Rappoport again; still, to my mind, the single best source of how to view the massive, malevolent turbulence into which we have descended. He makes the most multidimensional sense, and always has, re: this long-planned finale to the even longer plan to clamp us all down into their diabolical New World Order.

How Many People Have  “Psychological COVID”?


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