As we approach the 19th anniversary of 9/11 . . .

Note numerological echoes here: this is the 9th month of the year, with 9 days to go to the 19th anniversary of 9/11. So: 9, 9, 19, 9/11 — not to mention Covid-19! 1 = new beginning, 9= ending. When did the cycle begin that is ending now? Or I should say, how many and various time-cycles  are ending during the still ramping up World War III, this increasingly strong, nasty, and full of deception and multiple meanings information war that, despite the usual fake MSM news plus increasingly draconian social media suspensions and lock downs, We the People DO appear to be winning our recently recognized near-take-down by the Deep State that would have locked in the long-planned Agenda 30 New World Order. Why?  Because We. Just. Can’t. Take. It. Anymore.

Here’s a blogger writing in 2014 about how that 1976 movie Network is even more relevant now, 40 years later! (It also includes playwright Paddy Chayefsky’s entire famous text. Do read it.)

If we thought 2014 was off the charts weird — Hell, what even happened then, and who cares? (Hey check it out! both Ebola and the creation of ISIS!) By this time, Obama had finally lost much of his arrogant, elegant, sanctimonious sheen, and how do we know? Because Republicans took the Senate. How about 2020? Will that revelatory cycle, beginning with Obama’s much celebrated election in 2008, be ending now, in 2020 or 2021?  I.e. is cartoonist Ben Garrison correct?

Where are we as a nation? What has happened to us since the Patriot Act was enacted, to follow immediately upon the largest, until the 2020 Covid-19 drama, terror attack on U.S. soil? Countless school, theater, bar, LV shootings, later, usually by “lone male shooters,” we are still wrestling with not just the facts of the 9/11 matter, but the layered import of this collective PTSD that still reverberates through the collective hive mind and, thanks to the instant establishment of the Department of Homeland Security, forces us to remove our shoes, keys, wallets, computers, etc. at airports plus subject ourselves to groping if, like me, we are not willing to submit to invasive, and who knows just how dangerous,  RAPEscan — oops, I mean Rapiscan — nude screening technology.

I remember so well how Bush introduced and kept pushing that word “homeland,” — so appropriate for a nation that, at its founding on July 4, 1776, had four planets in vulnerable, home-loving Cancer! Do the puppeteers use astrology in figuring out how to play to our fears, as well as time events? Likely.

Oh, and guess what, today is the September Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces. Time of illumination! What new revelations are going to shock us today? Or is even possible to shock us anymore? Are we all so desensitized and brain-dead from the roiling confusion that surrounds the continuous flip-flops of so-called officials on mask and social distancing requirements, that we just give up and go along? Here’s Fauci’s sidekick, Birx, her latest comments.  Yuck.

Back to 9/11, of which Covid-19 is the sequel. As 9/11 was the sequel to the John F. Kennedy assasination in plain view of an entire television audience. Three massive events, designed to put us all into PTSD, while asking us to not question the “official findings,” which just about everybody agrees who still has his or her thinking cap on, are abjectly ridiculous!

Through the years, there have been a few people who have actually claimed the most amazing thing of all: that the planes that hit the twin towers were holograms, and that they were actually brought down by controlled demolition. The latest? Jim Fetzer with retired pilot, Dan Hanley (And BTW, psychic Utsava says so, too.).

The first 90 minutes or so are devoted to the 9/11 event. I have yet to watch the whole thing, but plan to.

Meanwhile, I keep saying to everyone, “Step up to the plate!”  Yes. What is your role in this unfolding climactic drama that may well decide the fate of not just the U.S. as a Constitutional Republic, but the fate of the entire planetary civilization? So this morning, after pondering for a day the story that accompanied yesterday’s “below the fold” front page headline —

— I decided to bite the bullet and sign up for desperately needed Republican poll workers for “bi-partison teams” here in Bloomington Indiana, home of Indiana University, and so shock-full of Democrats (but hardly any Biden signs this year in front yards . . . hmmm . . .).

Poll workers are usually drawn from the aging population, but this year, too many are fearful of Covid! In order to become a poll worker  I will have to have to change my registration from Independent to Republican, be trained, and likely spend the entirety of November 3, early morning until evening, in a possibly volatile, climactic, high pressure environment with a mask on. Small price to pay for my own small part to help ensure the viability of the 2020 Presidential Election.

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  1. Rich Buckley says:

    9/4/2020 Observations Of Elite Leftists Watching Portland Chaos.

    They will likely vote Democratic party ticket regardless of how many die, how many get burned out, or families displaced.

    The scene in the movie Angel and Demons, Tom Hanks, Professor Langdon is trapped by the assassin and the assassin releases him. The assassin caught him in the basement of the Vatican’s circular 2nd Century Catel Sant’Angelo as the police are coming. Langdon was consulting for the Vatican. (copy and paste link into search bar and it should work fine)

    The assassin tells Professor Langdon, a stunning, sickening, startling truth, the deeper you go the truer it becomes in the lives of priests and preachers that allow ego to rule over spiritual mastery instead of love, harmony, peace and light….they don’t know how to draw a line. As the assassin let’s Langdon go, he says to Langdon…(I paraphrase) ”You are not my contract….Be very careful Professor; After all…. you are dealing with religious men.“


    No deception is too great. The ends justifies the means, when we serve a dark aspect of God

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