COVID’S CONTEXT: It’s all connected, unfortunately.

Note: In this post, I descend into the deepening darkness, briefly. Unless we face and embrace it, we cannot even begin to erase. It’s time, folks, to step up to the plate and begin to transform the unconscious use of underworld Plutonian power; let us begin to strongly intend to feel the Plutonian power of regeneration revivifying both our own lives and that of our society.

What is your role? How are  YOU meant to contribute during this most critical turning time in all of human history?


I present today three dots to connect, seemingly disparate, but NOT.

First, that”6%” — shorthand for the suddenly famous “We’ve been scammed, since only 6% of deaths attributed to Covid are from Covid alone, the rest being people with multiple disease conditions (co-morbidities), and usually, of an advanced age.  All seemingly true, if you can believe the CDC, and provocative as hell, as far as it goes.

But here’s a doctor who looks at the 6% shout-out with a more granular perspective. And we do need any and all information we can get, correct? It’s up to each of us to make our own kind of sense to what is actually happening during this strange miasm that has gripped the entire world. Except for a few outliers like me, who do not fear our own bodies and do not fear death, most of the populace still cowers inside their muzzle masks.


My own takeaway from the above video is to conclude that since most Americans are seriously unhealthy — In fact the obesity rate of those who are seriously overweight, now tops 40% —.that all those co-morbidities follow inevitably:

From the CDC:

“Obesity is a significant risk factor for and contributor to increased morbidity and mortality, most importantly from cardiovascular disease (CVD) and diabetes, but also from cancer and chronic diseases, including osteoarthritis, liver and kidney disease, sleep apnea, and depression.”

Again, from the CDC: Adult Obesity Causes and Consequences

“Obesity is a complex health issue resulting from a combination of causes and individual factors such as behavior and genetics. Behaviors can include physical activity, inactivity, dietary patterns, medication use, and other exposures. Additional contributing factors include the food and physical activity environment, education and skills, and food marketing and promotion.”

And children? Childhood obesity now affects  1 in 6 children in the United States.

Which leads to  Big Pharma, Big Ag, Big Med . . . hmm. Get the picture? Everything IS connected. Don’t exclude Big Ed, dumbing us down to the point where gain our identities by belonging to a divisive group, by being unable  think critically or creatively, especially given fast or processed food poisoned with all sorts of additives, lack of exercise, voluminous, often interacting meds, (including vaccines, pills to make us wake up and put us  to sleep), including mindless screen time, sitting couched, slack, depressed, and eating/drinking/drugging to “pass the time, and/or to stimulate ourselves into fake intensity via erotica, especially child porn.

Covid-19, then, might be designed function as  a very efficient way to clear out those who are zombies anyway, as a sort of eugenics measure. (No. Eugenics is NOT dead, it just morphs over time, and is called other things.)

Speaking of which, check this out:

Covid-19 and Intimations of Eugenics under Guise of Bioethics

Remember the Georgia Guidestones: the “ruling elite” want to reduce the population to approximately 500 million, who would continue to operate as slaves for the elite. Am I being paranoid?  You decide.

Couple this with the strange, almost robot-like behavior of the Antifa rioters, the in-your-face yelling the same thing over and over again with senseless violence, even murder in Democrat-run cities; more than 100 nights in a row, so far in Portland!— and they rejoice when they murder!

More than ever, I am reminded of all the video games young people get addicted to at a very early age, the games where AI cartoon figures kill others with abandon, and “body counts” first popularized during the Vietnam War, score points for players.

So we have all these kids, sitting in front of screens, “playing” violent video games since they were small, hardly ever venturing outside into the natural world, hardly ever even meeting up with their friends to play in the real world (though they DO get together online,  communicating with other kids all over the world, divvyiing up roles and functions in their games.) BTW: My language about these games is vague here, as I am only vaguely aware of how to talk about them, and don’t really want to subject myself further.

In any case, I mention the above because Mark Taylor on Red Pill 78 a few days ago said that a psychic woman told him that rioters are MK Ultra mind controlled into many different alters, none of which are aware of each other. That these mind-controlled kids are run by demonic energy. That their handlers are the ones who carry umbrellas, and switch them on to violent language and behavior; that if they don’t behave in the fashion dictated, then the demonic energy will turn against them internally, and they know it. Something like that.

His is an even more paranoid point of view than my own. I do think we can just go back to all the early experience with video games, plus group “identity,” to discover the roots of their behavior. On the other hand, demonic energy? Yes, I would agree. They are obviously not in their right minds. And, as Rand Paul said after being dangerously escorted by police from the RNC a few days ago, you can’t reason with these people.

It’s almost as if, these young people been so robbed of human touch all their lives that the violent encounters — pushing, shoving, hitting, killing, all the while accompanied by mindless yelled sloganeering that drums up the demonic robotic energy even further, is the way they are, unconsciously, attempting to make up for lack of loving touch in their real lives. And of course, Covid-19 amps this up too, with “social distancing” and “masking.” It’s as if we’re being robbed of our senses. Our truly “common sensing.” There is no common sense, there is only kill or be killed. It truly has come this far.

Theft of Touch

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