TUG OF WARS: Bill Binney, General Flynn, plus video FUN with Killary

Our favorite NSA whistleblower, Bill Binney, has decided to join the twitter fray. Here’s his first tweet, from a few days ago:

He set up another account shortly thereafter, so you might want to check out both of them. How do we know it’s him? Because, I hear that in yesterday’s Q &A (done after reddit took down the first Q & A on that platform, and quickly, the day before), he establishes that it is, indeed, him.

I’ve only gotten through the first nine minutes of this Q &A, but the main reason why he had to stop what he was doing and become a whistleblower is contained in minutes 7-9 of this 3 hour marathon. In short: Until 2001, prior to the G W Bush/Cheney years, it was easy for the Intelligence agencies to figure out who is a bad guy. The problem was, it didn’t cost enough money! So they set it up so that every single person on earth who uses any electronic device is automatically surveilled on a continuous basis. That took the big bucks, and swelled their budgets, and therefore their power, hugely (always a goal).

Which means: if they decide to get you, they can always find some kind of leverage to reel you in.

Aside: don’t forget that it’s not just intelligence budgets that metastisize, so do all the people and programs needed to run them. Actually, there’s no natural boundary for any human-made bureaucratic form. The longer they live, the more they expand. Always, those in them want to get ahead in the hierarchy, which means climb up the ranks, and do so by scarfing up more people and programs under you. Get it? If so, this recognition is part and parcel of the kind of awareness afforded by the conjunction of Saturn (bureaucratic form, programs), and Jupiter (expansion, making larger) but this year, perhaps, hopefully,  decimated by the year-long slog of their 2020 conjunction of both with Pluto in Capricorn (penetration to the depths, exposure, death and rebirth).

A similar argument that Binney makes about budgets and the intelligence agencies can also be made about government in general, and especially the legal system. Remember that old saying, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse?” Well, what about when the laws now number in the millions and billions, and we have no way to know all of them, or even all of the ones that supposedly pertain to what we are or are not doing; more laws breeds more attorneys, hired by those wealthy enough to use them to discover “loopholes” in the laws. The rest of us peons? Well, let’s just say that this is one very good rationale for saying there’s a two-tiered Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn justice system in the U.S.A.


Then, wouldn’t you know, and are we surprised? — the latest attempt by the heroic and brilliant warrior woman Sydney Powell to get the legal system to throw out the U.S. government’s concocted case against General Flynn failed.


Let’s end on a more cheerful note, shall we? Hard to do in a time when shady characters like both Comey and Killery abound. But heck, might as well have fun with the technology and make fun of both of them. Killery especially, sure has been evading justice for way too long. And I’d say, don’t give up hope. We are watching a movie. Hmmm . . . in this little video compilation, how many Hillary doubles or clones can you spot? Count ’em. Is she still alive? I doubt it, at least not the original ensouled version.

Some day I’ll look closely at her astrological chart on this blog, because, predictably, it’s dominated by the most powerful tug-of-war known to astrology: that between Leo and Scorpio, both fixed signs, in a battle to the death.

Leo seeks to be top-dog. “They never thought she would lose.”

Scorpio seeks power over others, including, if she were an enlightened being, power over her own ego’s needs for high personal drama and endless adulation.

Note, BTW: she was born during another rare Saturn/Pluto conjunction! That one was in Leo, where it conjoined with Mars. And she’s been getting her humiliating personal comeuppance for years now. Will she ever quit? Oh, wait a minute? Is she alive? Or is this all a show.

Scorpio Sun, Venus, Mercury and Ascendant, all inside the hidden 12th house, but Mercury itself nearly conjunct the Ascendant. She acts very sure of herself and her own command of powerful forces, at least when she speaks. And the Scorpionic Clinton kill list is the stuff of legends.


Ultimately, let us remember, tug-of-wars in the outer world are mirrored in our own inner worlds. Very few of us don’t have some kind of tug-of-war going on inside, between at least two planets (energies, qualities), that can’t stand each other, and so then often, one of them either gets denied (where it goes underground, and sits there simmering, pressing for release), or projected, onto someone or some situation in the outer world that we then, either love or hate. Both desire and aversion are symptoms of attachment. And attachment is the name of the game on this 3-D planet earth.

So it’s eally helpful then, to see what’s “playing out” in both politics and our own personal lives during this momentous 2020 year, as merely a show. Yep, we are watching a movie, which Q recently referred to, in drop #4625 on August 20, as “Panic in D.C.”



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