Is This the Mother of all Covid Bombs? New CDC Report

‘Twas all over my twitter feed last night and Gateway Pundit has already summed it up.


Even the NYT is Having to Crawl Out of It’s Fake News Hole.

Get the picture?

We’ve been scammed. Big Time.

And it’s not over. Bill Gates and his minions are just salivating to jab us with the magic vaccine that will “cure” Covid-19.

Please watch and learn from Robert Kennedy’s moving speech in Berlin yesterday, starting with his own personal journey towards recognizing the extreme danger of any vaccine developed since 1986: Big Pharma rigged the game to have no liability, and none of the vaccines developed since then have been tested for long-term safety. Then pay attention especially to his conclusions, because he puts the malevolent mind-control miasm that has been covering the whole world in exactly the needed perspective. In short, all the “authorities” have to do to gain total control, is to introduce F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) into the population. And that, as we now realize, is very easy to do. Furthermore, once the atmosphere is filled with fear, unless we prove them wrong, it’s very difficult to dispel.

Q speaks of “The Great Awakening”: How many of us are already awake? How many still asleep? How many will wake up because of this new CDC Report?

How many awakened souls are necessary to transform Earth’s planetary vibration from FEAR to LOVE?

Please spread this news far and wide.


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