WOW! A Laura Bruno discovery re: Saturn/Pluto

And how did I find out? Because I noticed that Laura re-blogged something I posted in July on Saturn/Pluto, but with her story  — and her discovery — to introduce it. Thanks, Laura, for the alert! I had already decided I would do a  ARKCroneCast Quickie video tomorrow on what happened with me today. A very decisive moment. And then I see this from Laura. Bingo!

If you found today to be decisive in any way involving busting through internal structures holding strong, seething or germinating emotional energy; something hidden, even “secret” suddenly popping from the shadows into the open — don’t be so surprised! (Plus, you might want to comment on what you went through below this post!)

Here we are August 29, 2020, 7.5 months past the original conjunction, and as Pluto returns to the exact same degree and minute of its rare, every 35-year conjunction with Saturn?  Hmmm . . . what hidden, even secret, long standing degenerative process has been actually all the while morphing, and now outing itself as . . . possibly . . .  even — not just willing, but strong, bold, and regenerative?

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  1. Laura Bruno says:

    Thought you’d find that an interesting tidbit. You know me and those 0 degree 00′ deltas. I feel them before I confirm them. 🙂

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