I am very aware of Trump’s boastful, self-aggrandizing persona, that Mars in Leo “I’m the King of the World” attitude. It’s certainly “distasteful,” according to the protocols of “polite” society, where obvious displays of “ego” are verboten. On the other hand, can you imagine another type of persona that could absorb the vitriol slung at him from all directions 24/7 by media, politicians, big tech, “what’s left” of the Democratic party, plus all the RINOs?

Could any normal, non-narcissistic personality absorb even one trillionth of what shoots at him continuously without utter devastation, even obliteration?

And that he still gets things done! — things that have been either ignored, repressed, lied about, covered up, or on the back burner for years, even decades, despite investigations, impeachment, spygate, and who knows how many attempts on his and his families’ very lives, all the while refusing to start new wars, and determined to drain the longstanding global swamp that blackmails anyone who wants to travel up corporate hierarchies via child trafficking, rape, torture, murder, not to mention getting rid of, rendering impotent, or thoroughly reconfiguring international relations and structures of all kinds that have been draining not only children, but this entire country, and indeed the whole world, of its life blood..

I do think there’s more of an excuse to love him, than to hate him. So yes, watching him over these three years, I’ve become decidedly “pro-Trump.”

Aside: I’m reminded here of Glenn Beck’s sincere and bewildered  apology, in twitter thread from last night that begins, “I am feeling so humbled this week . . .” Remarkable.

And yet, I agree with the author of this interesting experiment that we have not yet seen what he has in mind for the environment, and that policies and surprises here (free energy, anyone?) will be utterly crucial for the health and future of both humanity and our planetary home.

From the wonderful Fred Burks, of, to his email list:


BTW: I had a bit of the same experiment when I read, last week, his niece Mary Trump’s book, attempting to put myself in Mary’s shoes, at least somewhat and always with a sidelong glance, given her enormous stuck bitterness towards DJT who she blames in large part, for the demise of her father, Fred Jr., who, as the first son and and namesake of Fred Sr., was supposed to inherit the family business, but did not have the required persona or desire to do so, and so, blaming himself, ended up dying prematurely, of alcoholism.

Due to his brother Fred’s insistent advice, “Do not smoke, do not drink,” Donald Trump never has. Not even once. At least from this point of view, Fred Jr.’s life was not in vain. As I once heard DJT remark to the press, on video, that he’d never taken a drink, and then added, something like, “Imagine if I had! I would be the worst!”

Clearly, he knows himself pretty well. And BTW: what I notice about him over the past three and a half years, is that he is beginning to show his enormous heart’s energy more and more. That go-for-broke warrior Leo Ascendant/Mars is revealing his courageous (coeur = heart; Leo governs the heart), and thus vulnerable, sensitive heart more and more obviously. Only the first few seconds of the following clip is necessary to demonstrate this: a few days ago, his dear wife Melania, speaking in army brown garb — to signify that we are truly at war! — an info war — from her heart to the American people: notice his big heart, beaming at her, from the audience.


“Helping children is not a political goal; it is our moral imperative.” — Melania Trump, at the RNC 2020

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5 Responses to For Virulent Trump Haters: CHECK OUT THIS RADICAL EXPERIMENT

  1. Great sentiments, Ann and I completely agree. I think Donald J. TRUMP will surpass Washington and Lincoln to be our very greatest President and the first of the Restored Republic. It’s clear to me he is the TRUMP-et from God just at the right and perfect time, and when we need him most. Halleluijah!

    Growing up in the NY Metro, he was a household name and many didn’t like his brackishness. But he’s been tempered by time and life, it seems clear. And even he has admitted the Presidency opened his eyes (and heart) to the people slugging away daily. And so does he – ‘taking the arrows for us’. Daily. Only a man of his stature, strength, intelligent vision and determination to WIN could do so.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yes, I’ve compared him to a Colossus, striding over the whole earth, for a couple of years now on this blog. It’s clear that other nations’ leaders look up to him and/or fear him, and do his bidding. Also amazed, personally, by the extraordinary solidarity of his very talented and service-to-others orientation of his children. And, I can remember, when I first looked at his astro chart, seeing his Venus/Saturn conjunction in Cancer, that his serious sense of responsibility to his own family would enlarge to include the entire American family, and now, it appears more and more to be the case, the entire human family, everywhere on earth. So greater than Washington and Lincoln? Yes, I agree, that is probable.

  2. Kennedy says:

    What happened to JFK Jr VP announcement at convention?

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yeah, just like there was talk it might happen on July 4 in South Dakota. But keep the faith. Utsava now says it might even happen after the election. Plus, that Pence agrees to stay in the position as long as necessary. More and more people are coming out saying he’s alive. Robert David Steele, Charlie Freak, Charley Ward, for example.

  3. Ann Dimitrelias says:

    The “Stepping Into Their Shoes” does not work (here in Greece). I was able to find it, though, from your explanation and read it here: . It is EXACTLY the way I feel about the whole thing.

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