More on Absurdity of Tests and Masks

From my twitter feed: Found on a sidewalk in S.F., this subtle hint. Let’s see more hints of various kinds, EVERYWHERE! On sidewalks, billboards. Not to disfigure, but tasteful, and yet pointed and provocative.

We all know damn well that there are a lot of “silent” folks who are going along just to get along. To save their rep, or their livelihood, or their relationships, or their sanity. Those of us who don’t care about our rep, who don’t need a livelihood that depends on the public; those whose personal relationships can tolerate even strong ideological disagreement; and of course, those of us who have integrated our shadows so well that we can remain sane, no matter what: let us feel free to creatively and consistently act on the suffering silent ones’ behalf, NOW! 

And meanwhile, you never know, you just never know, what new piece of info, what new perception, what momentary encounter might shift the sincerely masked ones’ entire world-view. I can’t help thinking about “They Live,” the movie. Check it out . . . The protagonist just needed to put the special sunglasses on. We just need to take the masks off . . .


I presume you saw where they “tested” all of the players in the NFL football league, and 77 of them tested positive! Wow! Scary! But when they tested again, using a different lab (same test? no idea), all 77 were negative. Hmmm . . .

Not to mention:

What does the continuous propagandizing to lock down our minds and hearts really mean?

It means that not just mainstream media, but both science and technology are not gods to be worshipped. Nor are outside authorities of any kind.

God is inside you, and inside me. And your body is an extension of God. Center yourself inside your own body! Embody yourself. Release the Cartesian dualism that has fractured, not only our minds from our bodies, but our bodies from the living wisdom of Earth herself!

Plus, since, given the prevailing “materialistic” world-view,  we have been taught, from a very early age, to view, and therefore, to treat, our own bodies as machines (again, thank Descartes, as well as Newton et al), we think we (or someone else, some “expert”) can figure them out and control them. But: our bodies are not machines, they are our personal living portions of the mysterious Earth Mother body who operates in concert with the infinite cosmos within which she is embedded according to natural laws that we do not, and will not, ever, even begin to comprehend.

So . . .

Get real folks, get embodied!

Plus, since one of those outside “authorities” that we worship so much is what Rockefeller gradually turned into today’s Medical Mafia, it’s crucial that we pull away from thinking that the allopathic indoctornation program is superior to our inner recognition of who we really are.

As a wise old non-allopathic feminine healer once told me: “THE MIND CONTROLS THE BODY. BUT WE THINK THAT THE BODY CONTROLS THE MIND — SO IT DOES!”

During this fiendishly clever pre-election plandemic cum riots, what do you personally have control of? Your mind, at least, I hope. Strip off all the school-based conditioning, the TV and other “programming,” and remember who you are. Re-member: put yourself back together again, body, mind and soul.

Pay close attention to your brilliant immune system, which, with your support (daily physical exercise, meditatative practices, real nutrition, and, for me, Ann’s Chai Elixir!), can become impervious to any so-called outside “invisible enemy” threat, and meanwhile, you are attuned to your magnificent body so finely and so fully that it returns to its natural state of being your personal vessel through which the LOVE of the universe pours through.

Remember: there are only two real emotional states, LOVE and FEAR.

Love expands.

Fear contracts.

Until you begin to tune into your own brilliant inner being, then the prevailing F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) still coursing through the collective mind has you suckered, snickered, sniveling, And, folks, that is the whole point! The more we succumb to fear, the more we can be controlled.

Plus, more than anything else, the stress — caused by all the new social distancing “mandates” including masks — creates separation, isolation, division, beyond anything pushed on humanity so far in, how long? Our entire human history? We sit, dulled into oblivion, marinating in sour fear. STUCK! The life force denied! Which means: sooner or later, the life force forces its way through and Fear tends to get projected as its opposite, FURY, which we are then controlled to use to hate each other, our dueling Democratic/Republican and other polarized ideologies making us crazy.

Fear, remember, is the primary immune suppressant.

Wake up, folks! It’s time!


How’s this?

Here’s another appropriate message mask. Found it on Etsy. Make your own!

Now let’s add to the confusion — of course! That’s the point. Keep us down, confused, demoralized, and eventually, willing, like lemmings, to run off the cliff to the sea.

Back to tests:

Wait a minute. What’s this?

If this is real, then even stores that dare to put up signs this won’t have to.

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5 Responses to More on Absurdity of Tests and Masks

  1. James says:

    Your mention of the film “They Live”, reminded me I saw a cool “They Live” Mask Meme somewhere (cant recall) the other week, and so of course I downloaded a copy. I’ve linked it up on imgur for you at


    The old ways of healing, long forgotten, are echoing back into practices of healers. These healers have relearned to actively and humbly engage the patient’s highest self. In this realm not only are soul lessons learned, but higher truths emerge that heal nations as well as persons when the person is ready.

    The truth that emerges is to observe evil dispassionately and forgive.

    Authentic forgiveness is one of the most complex and difficult tasks we may every face in this life.

    The strongest offense against such demonic oath as covered in the above video, is to release the negative energies dispassionately through forgiveness. Let Fauci be tried, and held up to the light for all his deceptions and harm brought upon others. Then let us find ways to forgive him.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yes. Holding up to the light is the most important part. So that Fauci can never do what he did again, since his name will have been “ruiined.” Imprisonment, or Execution, in this case, would be Eye for Eye, and Gandhi’s right, the whole world goes blind.

      But what about those who rape, traffic, and sacrifice children? They can never be released to prey upon children again.

      And actually, What about other violent offenders? Much would depend on circumstances. The point is protection, not revenge.

  3. Kieron says:

    So, in other words, all you straight/hetero people are worried about “turning positive”? Well good. Now you know how it feels to have a pandemic shoved up in your faces. Now the shoe is on everyone’s foot. How’s it feel?

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