What is Real? Save the Children? or Fake, Antifa-Run “Save the Children”

As a person who first paid close attention to Donald Trump because of his vow to drain the swamp, especially of all the pedophilia, child trafficking and sacrifice, with associated blackmail and bribery, that have been infecting our world for literally thousands of years, I tend to ignore his more “all-too-human” qualities, whether or not news about them is real.

But sometimes I get distracted. Saw this last night, forgetting to look at the date:


Then, in a typical whipsaw, saw this today in the local (left-leaning) paper, truncated from a post in The Guardian: Trump ordered to pay $44,000 for Stormy Daniels’ legal fees

As usual, I asked myself what’s real? And then I told myself, it matters not one whit what’s “real” in this particular possible peckerdillo. Besides, no matter which “party” is “at fault,” or both, who of us can say we are “clean as a whistle”? This gotcha business will make me sick to my stomach unless I really do completely ignore it. So I will.

But the real question is, what really does matter as to “What is real”? Some things are better left ignored. Others I need to pay close attention to. Like, for example, the horrific business (and it is indeed a business, in fact, as of 2014, child trafficking is even more lucrative than drugs, money, or guns.  

Oh, and BTW, check out Kauilapele’s posting of this video with Charley Ward and a certain decoder, especially paying attention to the decoder’s info on thousands of DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases), all over the world, tunnels where trafficked children are kept, underground cities where cloning of human beings is done (Check out Biden, Harris, both Clintons, for example. Are these real, ensouled beings? Or are they clones.) And remember, 800,000 kids supposedly go missing in the U.S. alone every single year. Child Trafficking is no small matter!

So, during this pre-election year when “Black Lives Matter” once again reared its duplicitous head (the last time was 2016, also an election year) and started to betray black people by drumming up class and racial division, protests, riots, violence, plus funneling “donations” to the DNC? — many of us wondered why “Save the Children” wasn’t a matter of at least equal importance to protesters. Well, it turns out that over the past week or so, this protest movement is gaining steam. But: Is it real? Or is it a leftist set-up, pitting leftists against pretend rightists and of course, then blaming resulting violence on the Q phenomenon.

Well whaddya know! Just in time FF, given that Q has now gone  mainstream and is associated with Trumpers, not Bideners.

Glad Jordan Sather is on it.

Joe M. who appears to have once again surfaced under a new moniker on twitter, warns us:

“Unspeakable Dregs” also floated a terrific idea that makes it much easier for us to pretend to be scared and put stupid masks on when we go into the grocery store. Not even three more months, folks. YES, LET’S DO THIS. On November 4th. Burn masks, not books.

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