ARKCroneCast for August 18, 2020: Video on False Flags; Audio on World View of Astrology

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CroneCast #35

LIVING THE CATASTROPHE, Part 2: Expect the Unexpected

Description: As Part 1 covers expected “doomsday” catastrophes, so Part 2 covers totally unexpected catastrophes. And when they occur in the political, cultural realm, now known as “false flags.”

Origin of the phrase, usage. False Flags in the 20th century: World Wars I, II, Vietnam War, Iraq War; Assasinations, “Lone Male” Mass Shootings. False Flags in the 21st century: 9/11, terrorism, Wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, mass shootings (13 since year 2000), and finally, the big one, even bigger and much more damaging than  9/11: COVID-19 Plandemic, destructive, ongoing, fear-mongering, and behavior modifying. As usual, we have only two choices: Fear, or Love. The first contracts, the second expands. Choose wisely.


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CroneCast #32

Chapter 10, Astrology Part 3 : A Vision of the World-View of Astrology | Ten Tools

[This is my favorite chapter by far in Ten Tools for Transformation. It was revelatory! ~ producer Gabrielle]



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