Are both Democrats and Republicans Controlled by Donald Trump?

It looks to be, if the NSA really does “have it all,” on everybody. Only the squeaky clean get a pass. And who is squeaky clean? For example, not me. I can remember myself as an armchair ’60s hippie radical, wanting this entire country to go up in flames.

I look at myself back then, now, and am appalled — at my arrogance,  my disdain for consequences, my ignorance of suffering.

Let’s face it: we are all affected, or infected, depending on our level of identification, i.e., indoctrination, by the prevailing winds of our time.

And if so, then it all comes down to, who controls the “narrative?” — assuming there IS a single prevailing narrative, and furthermore, what is “the agenda”?

Charlie Freak, Charlie Ward, and Robert David Steele, discuss what they think is happening now, with Steele, as the devil’s advocate, at least during the first 20 minutes of this hour-long video I’ve listened to so far, and I WILL finish it!

P.S. While I appreciate the ethical implications of Charlie Freak saying this is all a divine plan, with, of course, the Christian “God” at the head, guiding everything, I prefer to link ethical aims and behavior to my intuitive sense that the entire conscious, living cosmos is shot through with the divine, always the same and always changing, forever. No big bang needed to either bring it in or take it out. No “God” needed beyond the single, mysterious, inexhaustible source of divine love/light that blooms inside every single point within endless, expanding space — including that center point residing within each of our own beating hearts.

For if the universe has no circumference, then THE CENTER IS EVERYWHERE.

Put another way: My Aquarian son Colin once remarked, as a three year old, when his Taurus brother came home from Christian kindergarten and announced that “God made the world:”

“Oh yeah? “There’s another god beyond that god, another god, beyond that god, and another god beyond that god . . . there’s lotsa gods!”

Once again, I thank Kauilapele for alerting me to this video.


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  1. Rich Buckley says:

    8/18/2020 Once every 400 Years. Astrology has always been confusing to me and yet I take celestial events seriously. Can’t help it, just do. I seldom listen to astrologers. Then a friend turned out to be quite proficient in this observational science. That’s what I call it…..Observational Science.

    I do like to read short snippets of data on what to expect and when. Jupiter and Saturn, our two giant neighbors, are aligning in their once every 400 year conjunction on December 21, 2020. Just to be sure, I used my GoSkyWatch App, set the date for 12-21-2020 and the asked the App to find these two giant planets….perfect conjunction. I like snippets of history at 400 year intervals. 1620, 1220, 820, 42O, 20 ….that also happens to be the approximate interval between life incarnations on average, but that’s another subject.

    What to expect on December 21, 2020. A number of astrology experts are lending support to a select few astro physicists to report Earth is starting a new beginning in several measurable ways. (1) The first thing we will notice is Earth Schumann resonance frequency will enter a higher average rate of vibration. This will seem to be the new normal. (2) The second thing we’ll notice is healthier eating habits…with the exception of my strawberry milkshake from Lords’ Ice-cream or a cold beer after working in the yard. (3) The third thing is a shift in solar energy, measurable gamma energy will increase on average. (4) The fourth thing is more kindness, understanding, and love will flood our lives.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Actually, they conjunct every 20 years. Is there a 400-year cycle when they conjunct at 0° Aauarius? That might be what you are referring to, and if so, VERY INTERESTING! Thanks.

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