Assume Agitation: How to Work with it Creatively?

That IS the question.

Hint: Astrology helps.

On my walk with puppy Shadow this morning, I saw the old woman (and I thought a real crone!) who rides round and round a certain block on her bike for exercise, just ahead of me. Having enjoyed our brief, quirkyconversations many times, I decided to wait there until  she rode back around.

As she came towards me I waved, dramatically. She came up alongside me — and . . .  just kept on going.

“Could you stop and talk?”

“I could,” she answered, as she rode sway..


Then I remembered. The last time I saw her on her bike; as usual, we had topped to talk. But that time I had said something that shocked her deeply. Can’t remember what it was, but no doubt something about Covid-19. How I thought the whole thing was a scam, a psy-op. Something like that. Don’t remember what I said, but do remember the look on her face: instant, incredulous fear and shock.

“You mean you think that . . .”


Wow. That was two months ago. And she is still terrorized by my remark? Stunning. I haven’t been personally snubbed like that, really snubbed, in a very obvious way, by someone I considered a friend, well, EVER!

Then, in short order, on my return, I hear of someone’s sister who this morning accused her of stealing a bottle of wine (this would be TOTALLY out of  character for her to do), of someone who said she doesn’t trust someone else who others do trust, and then, just now, of someone who just sent a nasty text to an old would-be lover out of the blue.

These, on top of seeing gobs of people out walking with masks on, several riding bikes with masks on, and one even riding her bike uphill while masked. HUH?

Remember, transit Mars (with “discontented goddess” Eris) is squaring the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto Capricorn configuration all the way through the end of the year. So, look to shorter cycled planets (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury) for particular inflection points, when they trigger the Mars/Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto configuration. These are times when the atmospheric tension ramps up even further, and yep: today, both Sun and Mercury, sit exactly conjunct for this day only, at 25°Leo, where they  trine (120°) Mars at 24° Aries  and inconjunct (150°) the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto stellium (18°-26°Capricorn).


In other words, Sun/Mercury sets up a strong triangular formation involving all six planets, a type of configuration I named “triangle of continuous growth” many years ago, since my own natal chart contains two of them — and believe me, that is what my entire life has been about, continuously growth. Nothing less will do.

Unlike the grand (equilateral) trine, this triangle of continuous growth is destabilizing, and requires change, due to the presence of three different aspects: trine, square, and inconjunct.

How this triangle works: the square between Mars and the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto stellium produces continuous friction (from now through end of year, remember), and today, the Sun and Mercury at 25° Leo, though naturally harmonizing with Mars (the trine), can only do so via continuous adjustment (the inconjunct) to Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto.

With Sun and Moon in Leo, any type of insult right now, really hurts the Leo pride! For example, my personal stunned reaction to my supposed friend’s snub!

Sun and Mercury operating entirely together, at the very same degree: interesting how we tend to fuse our selves (Sun) with our minds (Mercury), especially on days like today!

So hard for me to believe that my old friend chooses to “cancel” me due to our difference of opinion. And yet, I must choose to work creatively with this situation by making some kind of internal adjustment, but not sure what that would look like, except to say that I am grateful to her for mirroring my egoic Leo pride so that I may, once again, recognize it.

The position of the Moon in this chart alerts me to the fact that we are in a waning “old moon” period, preparing for the New Moon, which (I just looked it up) occurs tomorrow evening, 10:41 PM EST, at 26°35 Leo.

Notice, by tomorrow, Mercury will already have moved three degrees, to 28° Leo.

Check out the Sabian symbol for this upcoming New Moon at 26°36 Leo (always use the next degree, so 27° Leo):


Aha! In my own chart, the North Node, at 27° Leo (conjunct the wounded healer Chiron) and in the 9th house of phiilosophy, exactly conjuncts tomorrow’s Leo New Moon!

Okay, Ann: once again, time to let go of needing anybody to “like” you. You are here to share your own individual point of view with the world. Period. And, as my teacher used to say, you know you’re “making waves” when you create a wake.

Love me or hate me, no difference! I remain myself, continuously growing, through it all.

BTW: Trump’s Mars sits at 26°45 Leo. What will this New Moon portend for him? I anticipate momentous, warrior action.




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