Even More Fun with Masks . . .

Here are a few more that came in my feeds, either through facebook, twitter or exopermaculture comments. Let’s start with the funniest, first. Yes!

Next, let’s go with the MOST fearful.

To which the woman who sent it added:

Here’s what longtime reader Rose tells me today. I appreciate this word on her mask.

And remember, The Placebo Effect is real!¬† But should we look upon masks the same way, that though they pretend to protect us, but don’t really protect us, because we think they protect us, they do?

What about those like me, who know better, who aren’t fooled for one minute, and who are still in shock by all the fearful folks shuffling around muffled with masks, even when outside and alone! Even driving in cars with windows up!

Okay, now let’s check out a homemade, carefully crafted, three-layer gauze mask, by someone who knows the game.

The game:

And yet, those paper masks will catch ’em all!

We’ve been played.

Here’s a guy who plays with the stupidity, and gets away with it.

Wow, signs of aliveness beneath the mask!


In fact, hope abounds!

Yep, masks don’t work, in fact they encourage infection!

Wake up!

I saw somewhere a guy who notices that fully 50% of employees in stores he visits have their masks pulled down under their noses. YES!

Meanwhile, worthy of contemplation, this, from Martin Geddes:

And even without Q, we can always wake up. Just go inside, stay there long enough to enjoy your own heart beat and the subtle messages welling up from  every cell in your body, every cell that is interconnected with every other cell, all working in harmony, the way nature works, and we, are a part of nature!

Follow your nature, and nature takes care of you.

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