The year 2020: A dynamic dance, on every level, between Darkness and Light

General Flynn wrote a Letter to the American People several days ago that speaks of good and evil, light and dark, and calls each of us to action:


During this 2020 “clear vision” year, when we are being asked to pay attention to, and begin to clear, entrenched levels of world-wide systemic corruption that, even one year ago, would have seemed impossible to most, I sit here, inside the little community we have created with loving intent, Green Acres Permaculture Village, continuously surprised by what is constantly coming up next — whether it be someone’s “shadow” (dark) side finally emerging, and then to be lovingly integrated, both within the person and between that person and the group, or whether it be the way Nature continuously shows us that she is full of surprises, like these “surprise lilies” (also called “naked lady lilies”) which began to emerge, once again, two weeks ago, from the deep, fertile dark.

Having spread to three locations in the front yard and amassing much more thickly than even last year, I am, yes, taken by surprise at how just seeing them makes me feel — deliriously happy! This, despite that as of yesterday I have poison ivy on my now swollen face (and am working with jewel weed, and homeopathic rhus tox). Nature brings both beauty and poison, light and dark, in equal measure, and yet, somehow, the dynamic balance is maintained — and if I can continuously be and do in the world from within the open hearted center of my own authentic, sovereign being, then not even the ecstasy of lilies or the itchy burning of poison ivy can disturb.

Same goes in the outer outer world. For example, the information contained in the following video, by John Paul Rice, who was a part of the Hollywood film world for 20 years, is guaranteed to disturb anyone not yet familiar with the material. (And remember: disturbance is both natural and necessary, as a precondition for the emergence of new life.) Yes. Here is another beautiful soul who dares to talk about the unspeakable, and to say, over and over again, that only love is the answer.

One little nugget from this video: Rice says he knows personally some of the Hollywood actresses who began the Me, Too movement. But when he asked them, “What about the children?” they would just shrug and say they knew (about the systemic abuse of child actors). The Me Too movement is “controlled opposition”:  by centering only on the female victimization by men, it succeeded, once again, in dividing the sexes from one another, and of course, division is the name of the cabal’s game! As long as we agree to be kept divided (by race, color, nationality, religion, politics, class, education, etc.) we are still sheep, getting our identity from an outside “group” rather than centering individually, each within our own open, loving heart. The key is unification. And the universal suffering of children is the one issue that can unite the world. He claims that 2.5 million children  are being trafficked and tortured and raped and even killed (for ritual, for sport, for their blood, for their organs) every year (800,000 children per year trafficked in the U.S. alone I hear from several other sources).

This bitchute video, which I received thanks to a reader, SueM, contains a lot of references for newbies who dare to explore further.

Pedophilia: Here’s What Is Happening Now

Remember, it’s the Apocalypse itself (The Revealing) of the Darkness that constitutes our Great Awakening to the Light. The year 2020, with its ongoing and relentless rare and powerful Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn conjunction process, IS the watershed year, pulling up the horror that has been fulminating deep within for decades, even centuries, to the surface and the glorious light of day.





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