Welcome to World War III, a global infowar to control our minds

Ruminating on my walk this morning with puppy Shadow, how our weekly Green Acres Village Community Dinners may never return! Why? I’ve been noticing how not just a few of the folks who used to meet with us here weekly are in what I would call the “camp” of having been mind-controlled into F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real), and so, if  we did begin again, and they did come back, would wear masks, keep “social distance” rules, and so on. No thanks!

So once again, I look upon this Plandemic Scamdemic as an historic watershed event, dividing the wheat from the chaff, the Fearful from the Loving. Not that some of those who remain fearful, despite all the extraordinary contravailing evidence, are guaranteed to remain so. Hopefully, some of them will tear their eyes away from MSM news propaganda long enough to begin to do their own research, for example, on Covid-19 tests that show false positives, or even tell people who have never been tested that their test came back positive! Huh? Hopefully, they will research enough to realize that there really isn’t a single test that actually detects Covid-19 itself. Hopefully, some of them will delve into rabbit holes opened by experts in many fields (medical, statistical, political, cultural) who are recognizing how the global public has been and continues to be cleverly hoodwinked by the NWO cabal into shutting down not just the global economy, but putting people in danger of dying due to fear infecting their immune systems to such an extent that it fatally poisons them.

A good friend of mine says his doctor son is furious with the Washington Governor who tells doctors what they can and cannot do for Covid-19 patients. “How dare the Governor dictate what I can do as a doctor!” he says. And yet, when pressed on why he continues to work for the University of Washington Medical System, he says his job’s on the line and his wife is extremely anxiety-ridden. How can he possibly not continue?

We can all imagine how many scenes like this are playiing out across this land where one partner in a couple is beginning, whether or not he likes it, to red-pill himself and the other is pulling anxiously in the other direction. And we can all imagine how increasingly mandatory mask-wearing is PTSDing especially their and other vulnerable children at an extremely impressionable time in their lives.

Which brings me to a video that I want to share today, one which I found thanks to Kauilapele, and see as an especially valuable overview of the first seven months of this amazing Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn year, 2020. This video is well worth watching all the way through, if you want to get a detailed play by play understanding of what has been essentially rolling out as World War III, still mostly a weaponized propaganda war for our minds rather than, except for demonic Antifa mischief, one utilizing bombs, explosives, etc. And let’s keep it that way. Let’s not allow what happened in Beirut yesterday to spread further.


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