A Pandemic Prayer

This morning, on this very beautiiful morning, the temperature outside has, over the past two days, dropped to what I consider perfection: the early ’70s. Why? Because that’s when liquid coconut oil once again jells, and it’s way easier and less messy for my tremor-ridden hand to get it out of the jar and spread on my non-gluten breakfast bagel.

So grateful for these tiniest of favors!

Before arising this morning, after a rare, good night’s sleep (again, thank you!), I listened to the first of a four-part channeling by the channel Kryon on Finding Joy in the Midst of Chaos — and he’s so right. During this increasingly chaotic time when “they” continue to beat the plandemic drum to the point where the entire world population has seemingly succumbed to invisible webby tendrils of the fear porn virus, uplifting Joy is utterly necessary, as THE most crucial antidote to the chemical deterioration that F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) produces in the human immune system.

Yes, folks, laughter IS the best medicine!

Laughter — that just bursts from the belly of the fully vibrating being who is filled with joy, love, compassion, aliveness . . .

After breakfast, and the usual wondrous early walk with Puppy Shadow, I sat down at my computer to discover an email response from a dear young female friend who had asked a question about a still puzzling dream she had some time ago, about meeting a fox, face to face. I decided to copy our short interchange here, since it illustrates so well, what we all do have within us, no matter how buried.

To B:

My own way of working with this kind of dream where I am face to face, soul to soul, with an unexpected animal, especially a wild animal, is, whenever feeling down and dis-spirited, I call upon that meeting, re-enter the magic of that moment that spreads into eternity and deepens into mystery —  and dwell there for some time.

Also when meeting an animal, especially an unexpected wild animal in waking life. I do the same thing with the memory, since it is such a gift! This animal has invited me to re-center myself, to go within, to expand into the heavens, to let go of the webby fearful monkey mind that has tied me into knots and paralyzed. For that is when these encounters seem to take place . . . when I’ve lost, or in danger of losing, my center, that plumb line to source.

And of course, the specific nature of the animal encounter also important, so I look its symbolism up on the internet.

But mostly, I see/feel/sense these encounters, whether in dreams or in waking life, as unexpected gifts of the spirit to the soul, flooding me with gratitude for such a seemingly undeserved blessing. And then, when I reflect on the fact that I did receive such a gift, I am flooded with gratitude again to realize that I AM of such great value to the spirit of that animal that it would visit me personally, eye to eye, soul to soul.

B. replies:


Thanks for the beautifully worded reply. I think you’re absolutely right – these experiences, like the transcendental experiences we find walking in the woods, connect us to what is bigger than ourselves. I’ll take your advice and call upon the image when I’m in need. It definitely feels like a developing relationship with fox. there is a lot to learn. In a christian framework, I view it as a visit from the holy spirit – which goes well with the flame colored fur.

There was no trickster attitude in the dream though many cultures view the fox as that sort of spirit. I like that the website you sent me says, “if you CHOOSE to view fox as a trickster”.

There was a point in time when I was manic and trying to be a trickster. To walk in-between. To view it all as a game. In one sense, it is a game. And I think there is a travesty of taking it both too seriously and not seriously enough. I think when humans adopt a trickster attitude all the time, it has the danger of leading to a sort of moral relativism. That’s where compassion comes in.

Right now, my operative word is “brotherhood.” My instructed prayer is “thank you.”

Thank you! for being a friend.


And thank you, Fox and all the other animals, both wild and not, who teach us humans, on a daily basis, both in dreams and in waking life, just what is and is not of value, pandemic or no pandemic.

Notice: animals don’t “worry” (about the future) the way we do. Nor do they  “regret” (the past). Instead, they remain, here, right here, now, centered, attuned to. and present for, all that is.


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