Deborah, a new friend of mine who works closely with homeopathy, one of the holistic practices demonized and banned by Rockefeller when he took over medical education back in the early 20th century, has just sent s website to me that both collects and archives relevant videos and offers a welcome subscription service. Given the courage and passion of  the Frontline docs (especially Dr. Simone Gold (the founder of the group who has now been fired from her position as an Emergency Medical physician in LA) and Dr. Stella Immanuel of Houston, Texas (whose African roots and culture that includes the recognition of demons and evil spirits has demonized her in western eyes)),  who lit the match not even one week ago, not to mention the myriad other genuine experts (doctors, nurses, virologists, statisticians) too numerous to mention, it’s hardly a surprise to me that all of a sudden, the turning point truly has been reached. The silver lining of the CV is at hand. The gift of healing lies within each of us, once we return to full embodiment.

To quote the final words of the “WE BELIEVE . . .” front page statement from this new website:

“. . . we orient ourselves around the foundational premises that the body is inherently wise, that symptoms are meaningful, and that radical healing is eminently possible when we align with the earth and honor our place in the natural world.”


Oh, and if you’re wondering how to understand the so-called Covid-19 tests, I found this on twitter, thanks to Martin Geddes, who points to it as “good on testing.” Yes, listen to the first ten minutes (the final six minutes, I would argue, though valuable, do not utilize a subtle or complex enough context of understanding.)

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  1. Big Pharma is trying to develop euphemism to beat anything holistic.

    8/2/2020 Blood Transfusion “Treatment” P.S. NOT A VACCINE? Now going into lab trials: In the video, Dr. Casadevall explains how convalescent blood plasma can be used to treat or prevent COVID-19 — and gives a look inside the work taking place to help provide treatment and immunity with convalescent plasma…. What you just read is big pharma’s description of this wonderful concept. *


    IT’S NOT A VACCINE, IT’S JUST CONVALESCENT PLAZMA. … My Layman’s Ignorance vs. Big Pharma Legal Tactics

    The research I’ll want to read before they ““Do the Dershowitz and “plunge” the transfusion Treatment plasma into my body”” will be original blood source auditing.

    Being a layman, I’m using the term original blood source to mean we are not receiving a proxy for a vaccine.

    The problems pointed out by several expert virologists, including Dr Judy Mikovits, is a lot of “junk” unknown to the vaccine labs is being passed along with the starting mixtures the labs buy to start their experiments and development cycle on vaccines. Junk in, Junk out.

    So I’d want to know first if the original patient whose blood is being processed and reprocessed, was given any vaccines and which vaccines if any.

    Then the patient in theory somehow recovered (short term).


    THE LAB grabs the patient’s blood and processes it for isolating and replicating the immune factors that are found in the blood.

    This is a brilliant idea if the original patient was first sick from Coronavirus and recovered on their own. But what if they recovered after receiving a proprietary experimental rush-to-market, untested in human trials against a placebo vaccine?

    Those blood immune factors (the so-called proprietary know how) …. again I’m a layman… are then passed off to the uninformed public that want long term testing including testing against a placebo in human trials….passed off to us as “plasma” when in reality it’s replicated rush-to-market, shortcut untested, no placebo human trials, proxy for vaccine?


    THE CORPORATION with limited liability then enjoys a legal right granted by the financially corrupt FDA and NIH, affirmed by a Congress of equal merit to market under the alternate name of “Convalescent Plasma.” It’s the way big pharma plays the game.

    It’s actually then a vaccine marketed as Convalescent Plasma with zero understanding of long term effects.

    The way to guard the hen house from these foxes is to reverse to 1986 No Liability Laws Congress Gave Vaccine Companies.

    * Footnote
    Reported by Bloomberg news outlet. Bloomberg himself has a “charity”… that’s what they call it…. that has invested several million into “Convalescent Plazma” development.

  2. rose day says:

    Rich nails this! The 1986 BigPharma protection says it all . . . drug companies can presently ‘MESS-up all over the place’ legally with total impunity . . . time to revoke that piece of trickery!

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