Breakdown — and Breakthrough? It depends! Shadow Work as the secret, alchemical ingredient.

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Our Slide into Social Psychosis and Breakdown

Within this protected little three-home garden enclave of Green Acres Permaculture Village, together with some of our close neighbors, an alternative culture, “growing community from the ground up,” has been both organically emerging and consciously inculcated over the past decade. We feel extremely fortunate to have anticipated the societal breakdown that is now accelerating, and to have introduced what is likely the most important attitude, value and practice needed to transform breakdown into breakthrough: shadow work.

Shadow Work is the deliberate focus on those aspects, qualities, memories, etc. which, because they are at least emotionally comfortable and likely full of buried pain, we have pushed down into the unconscious, where they sit, buried and festering, sometimes for decades. Whatever energy we do manage to muster up, we unconsciously use in continuous maintenance of the wall  between the conscious and unconscious minds. This continuous focus on making sure that what’s inside doesn’t get out, renders us either frozen with fear, or, and this is likely, sooner or later. that unconscious stuff surfaces, and gets projected, onto The (hated) Other. This Other, just happens to exhibit the same or similar traits as those formerly buried traits within the self.

In other words, each of us has both light (conscious) and dark (unconscious) aspects, and usually, the two are not integrated, or even recognized. And, here’s an important principle: when the unconscious (which knows much more than we do) wants us to find out about a particular buried, festering aspect, it will throw it out onto the outer world, get it “projected” on to someone or some group who unconsciously reminds us of that still denied part of the self.

I view the rampant virus known as TDS as likely due to this phenomenon of projection. The Donald’s enormous ego sits there, front and center; given his Leo with Mars in Leo in the first house of his natal chart; he loves his ego, even glories in showing it off! This show-off quality drives those who want to see themselves as perfect and  can’t tolerate the fact that they even have an ego, much less a large ego — wild, crazy! They hate him!

But why is Shadow Work of crucial value? Because By shadow work, which involves “taking back our projections” — on an individual level, within any group, and between any group and any larger context — and by consciously processing our projections, we can begin to transform, significantly, from a culture of conflict to a culture of cooperation.

For example, recognizing just how Johnnie bugs the hell out of me, I notice myself “triggered” by him. I then ask myself, what is it about Johnnie that I can’t stand? Aha! he’s “too full of himself,” always thinks he’s “right,” is “quick-tempered,” etc. — all qualities I’ve projected upon him and which actually — or also — lie within myself! This is the aha moment. And from then on, I know that I need to acknowledge, honor, and eventually integrate these formerly denied  qualities of myself that lay, until now, in the shadow and then, thanks to Johnnie as my mirror, got projected.

For that is how the very brilliant unconscious mind works? It draws to us others who remind us of our selves.

In this manner,  “The Other” becomes the instrument of my liberation, expansion, evolution.  Only as I learn how to process the emotional junk that comes up for me because Johnnie “triggers” me, do I learn, expand, not only in awareness, but in compassion, both for his suffering and my own. I’ve written about shadow work elsewhere on this blog (e.g. check out this juicy adventure) and we are all very familiar with this deep work in our little village.

BTW: If you aren’t familiar with the concept of “processing,” you might want to read this:

A.K. Reader: How we women “process” our experience


I was talking with an old friend who lives in California for two hours recently, and what a rich processing meal we enjoyed! Grateful. I mention that conversation here because she has helped me recognize in a very visceral manner just what it is like in a place where shadow work is NOT being done during this ongoing fear-mongering plandemic. And especially, as she says, where one is a “renter,” living next to either seemingly random others or, even if chosen, the relationships are not cultivated to include shadow work.

My friend has recently endured two difficult dramas, in two different living situations, in which the people who were living in the same environment turned on each other: one of them on a somewhat established permaculture farm with mostly very young people, the other in a four-plex apartment building in town. She has no doubt that both dramas were amped up enormously by the suffocating “cobweb of fear” that Dr. Simone Gold — one of the extraordinary Frontline Doctors who riveted hundreds of millions world-wide during a a 48-hour period early this week with their testimony on HCQ as the cure for early stage Covid-19 — speaks of so eloquently.

These doctors recognize that the plandemic is more about the fear than it is about the virus.

These white-coated Frontline Doctors who have been heavily censored on social media and their website  taken down, spoke on the Capitol Steps twice in two days, in between meeting with VP Pence and his chief of staff about making HCQ widely available. During their second public session, they urged this nation’s physicians to begin to speak up, to insist on getting HCQ for their patients, even if this act risks their careers. The situation they say, is simply, too urgent not to stand up for what is needed to help dispel the cobweb of fear that has destroyed the economy and continues to traumatize young and old.

Here’s an article written by a similar group, apparently, that puts it on the line for the medical world, in An Open Letter to Physicians stating that only if physicians get on board with the recognition that the cure for this (and likely, any other plandemic) is hydroxichloroquine plus zinc and a certain antibiotic, will we be able to dispel the atmosphere of doom that has infected this country.

Given that the doctors’ focus is still on an external (medical) authority to tell an individual what he or she should do to prevent or heal dis-ease, I would beg to differ. For it’s obvious to anyone who has evolved to the point where he or she has taken charge of his or her own life, i.e., is already operating as a sovereign being, that the best prophylactic for any threatening dis-ease is a healthy functioning immune system, plus healing agents growing in nature; and that once Americans begin to take charge of their own bodies, their own emotions, their own minds, their own health, and their own relationship to each other and the natural world, civilization will transform, and radically.

So, one could say that this beautiful scamdemic is the instrument of our liberation. As we come to terms with the fact that we are fearful of our own bodies, of other bodies, of the soil, plants, animals, — and especially, of DEATH, then we can begin the process of deep spiritual, psychological, and emotional work on ourselves, to discover just what gifts lie inside the unconscious mind which is connected to all the other unconscious minds in the vast invisible web we call the collective unconscious, wherein currents of F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) have been rolling through, swirling around, stirring up more and more gunk at the bottom of the collective psyche.

This uncomfortable process of cultural and, by extension, individual shadow work is due to continue throughout this entire year up until, remember, late December, when Jupiter and Saturn both finally leave Capricorn, and join together exactly on Winter Solstice, December 21. Ever since January, these two planets have been hunkering together with powerful, primal, death/rebirth Pluto in strict, structural, hierarchical, rule-bound Capricorn, as an open, suppurating boil begging to be healed.

I have no doubt that our transformation as a culture will be long and slow, but it does begin NOW, with individuals, each of us standing up for ourselves, shrugging off the currents of fear that continue to invade our collective psychic space. For in that vacuum where fear once collected, Love pours in, gathers, fills, spills over, disperses the suffocating cobwebs, reveals the mysterious, magical presence that fills and fuels the the forever and ever Becoming of the one infinite Being.

Speaking of the extraordinary importance of Shadow Work, check out this video from 2018. I happened upon it in my 2 AM wakefulness spell two nights ago, and will seek other videos from this zen person. Also interesting in the conclusions he refuses to draw, unlike me, who does, definitely, feel that we are on our way to cultural transformation and regeneration of some kind, though receiving more than hints of the flavor of that will have to wait until the end of 2020’s purgatory.



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4 Responses to Breakdown — and Breakthrough? It depends! Shadow Work as the secret, alchemical ingredient.

  1. James says:

    Re your statement about people taking charge of their own bodies and treatment/health – while we may not be able to get our hands on HCQ any time soon thanks to the Big Pharma lobby, we CAN easily get our hands on Quercetin, which has been found to perform the exact same function as HCQ – opening up the cells so the Zinc can get in there and do its work. And getting some Azithromycin is usually fairly easy. Even without health insurance or access to a doctor’s office because of the $100+ appointment cost just to walk in the door, I can still buy Bird Zithro (same exact medicine) online without a prescription. Zinc and Quercetin are OTC, as are Vitamin C, D & Chaga.

    So – people DO have all the tools needed to self-manage their care and be done with all this fear. No vaccines required either. Take that sorry mask off and get out there and live!

  2. rose day says:

    Attempts to ‘fix’ that which is beyond repair often become Energy-guzzling exercises in futility. ‘Break-Down’ may actually be a necessary precursor to ‘Break-Through’ of arbitrary and at times, self-imposed limitation. The sky may truly be the limit!

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Agreed. Breakdown the necessary precursor if we truly are going through a transformational Plutonian process.

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