Stella Immanuel, M.D.: CALL TO ACTION. Is this the tipping point?

Astonishing! Even her name is perfect: Stella (STAR) plus Immanuel (GOD IS WITH US). Huh? Is this the name she came in with? If so, now is the moment she was born for, and she knows it. Utterly fearless. And a yuge inspiration for anyone who knows that they simply must step up to the plate. Which we all must! Even those who don’t know it yet; I can feel Stella’s passionate ringing tones resonating inside the closed ears of even those who still feel like sheep, asleep.

Check out what she says about herself on twitter: “God’s Battle Axe and Weapon of War . . .

Hmmm. . . this brave new doctor’s forum is so perfectly timed to feature Stella’s passionate call to action that I wonder if she and Trump know each other already. Two battle axes, perfectly matched. Are the conscious warrior male and the conscious warrior female beginning to integrate? Is psychic integration within all of us, no matter what our biological gender, what is required to turn the tide and take action?

Trump retweeted the above video, and of course not only did twitter take down his retweet (and dinged Donald Jr. for doing the same thing), but youtube and facebook both axed the video from their sites as well. But not before millions of us had seen and shared it on twitter. Astonishing break out into the public eye from a woman who is simply made for Mars ACTION.

When I couple this with a twitter thread, also discovered last night, my mind blows wide open . . .

Please do listen all the way through the above multi-part thread. May take, what, ten minutes of your time?  It’s very well done, and to me, the perfect introduction for many who are just beginning to wake up to the depths of what has been done to us by those who would rule.

And, what especially blows my mind, how @CoronavirusFor repeats, with each new short video, his assessment that the horrifically dark info of the article he is reading aloud, is positive, a good thing, in fact, our “Christmas present.”

Dark to light.

For me, his Christmas present remark winds back to my often repeated sharing of what I’m tempted to call the the divine timing of both Jupiter and Saturn entering Aquarius within two days of each other and conjunct each other exactly,to the minute, at the 0° Aquarian turning point on December 21, Winter Solstice, which is the ancient pagan equivalent of Christmas. As the world begins to wake up from the death-fearing shutdowns, lockdowns, muffle masks and attempted social distancing plandemic, divisionary tactics that lead to conflict, riots, war — all features of the old Capricorn world order that kept humanity in chains down through history . . .  here we go! Rebirth, into the Aquarian Age, or, as Trump prefers to call it, The Golden Age.

Hmmm. Does this mean the completion of J.F.K.’s failed attempt to enact U.S. Treasury gold-backed currency while the fiat Fed is finally squeezed into oblivion?

Despite the ongoing roiling mayhem that continues to disturb the collective unconscious to the point where everybody now knows that anything is possible, anything! — President Trump sure seems confident. I wonder why.

Notes on Current Astrology

Transit warlike Mars at 16° Aries is just now closing in on a square to communicative Mercury in Cancer at 17°,  both of them beginning to activate, via a sharp, focused T-cross with Mars at the apex, the supporating boil of this year’s Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn that is surging corruption on all levels of the swamp to the surface for exposure and clearing.

Short-term timing:

Mercury and Mars to square today and tomorrow. Hmmm . . .  I see that Jerry Nadler was in a minor car accident this morning (Mercury rules transportation as well as communication . . ., Mars certainly can correlate with “accidents”) and so must delay the hearing scheduled for 10 AM today with A.G. Bill Barr. Poor, pathetic Nadler, who is in way over his head with this one. Who paid to get his car accidented?

With Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto between 23° and 28° Capricorn, look for lots more info coming out when Mercury opposes that degree area from now through the first week of August, and when active, courageous, war-like Mars squares that same degree area from then through the end of October (since Mars turns to go Rx mid-September).

From Q, post 4545

This is definitely NOT just another four-year presidential election. It’s either do or die.

And we are all actors in the grand finale of this global play. What is your role? All of us need to wake up, help others wake up, and help move this entire country, and the rest of fractious, often fear- and rage-filled humanity, into UNITY. Let us shift from mind-controlled slaves raping, pillaging and killing each other for our masters’ sport and profit to re-membering ourselves, who we really are! Let us put ourselves back together again, as “homo sapiens sapiens” — man the wise — loving, caring, and creatively cooperating with each other’s full unique individual expression for the common good.

Together, we learn how to reconfigure and integrate first, our own individual minds, hearts and spirits, and as an outpicturing of that inner transformation, we commence the resurrection of the collective soul of humanity upon this beautiful bountiful, utterly blessed planet we call home, Mother, Earth.






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  1. Rachael Carlson says:

    From Dr. Immanuel’s fierce speech to the poetry of your closing paragraph, I hear women fearlessly speaking truth. In these past days I have found myself grounded, wings singed, in despair, but in this moment I am soaring on the words of my sisters. So much gratitude.

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