ARKCroneCast offerings for July 27, 2020: both on perspectives gained through astrology

Note to Patrons! Producer Gabby suggests that I tell tiny stories about daily events in videos as extra offerings exclusively for patreon subscribers. Look for the first one this afternoon!

Exclusive for patrons is the next audiobook installment from MY SECRET LIFE: Ten Tools for Transformation of the Self.

CroneCast #32 | Chapter 10, Astrology Part 3: A Vision of the World-View of Astrology

I will now quote the very end of this chapter, just in case you  DO wonder about the actual world-view of astrology. This quote comes after a very long lead-up, so that the viewer (or hearer, since this is now an audio) can actually grok what I’m saying.

“In order to bypass my old habit of limiting my perception by laying it down to work as merely one end point of a polarized point of view, and then creating conflict, I recognize myself as the center. of a continuously expanding universe.

“Each of us unique and singular individuals, stands centered, radiating outwards from the center of a universe which has no outer limits, no circumference. Each of. us as the eye of our own storm, the still point of our own turning world. We are creative agents, attuning ourselves to and expressing ourselves through larger and larger spheres of awareness — forever.

“We are all creators. We all breathe the same air. Our hearts beat to a universal biological rhythm, a rhythm entrained with other more subtle rhythms, all of them in concert as the universal harmony, the music of the spheres, the song of ourselves. We are one. We are many. We are the one in the many. All polarities dissolve in the swelling sea of infinite space.”


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CroneCast #29 | Capricorn Dynamics: Goals, Structure, & Life Force || Part 1

Description: Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter in Capricorn: A swelling (Jupiter) dynamic links goals and structure (Saturn) with the life force (Pluto). How?

Part I: Personally: During this 2020 year when we’re supposed to gain CLEAR VISION, what stands in our way and provides opportunity? Cosmically: the massive karmic trinity of Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto remains within orb of each other until late December, and especially during this stretch, when fully five planets move backwards.


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