Is the Mask Mandate Mania beginning to unravel?

First Monroe County, and several days later, all of Indiana, are now on required mask mandates, while in public, inside or outside within six feet of others. And of course, all stores, restaurants, etc. must require them of customers, clerks, and servers, unless customers are eating, in which case they have to be continuously sitting down.

In case you’re worrying, what I call snitch lines have been established to turn in stores, restaurants, etc. which don’t comply. People too? Seems to me this is a time to get to know your neighbors.

Meanwhile, this just in: a number of big box stores, because of altercations that put their employees in danger, are waffling on their mask rule. (But that doesn’t help us in either this county or this state.)

Walmart, Home Depot and other retailers walk back face mask mandates, will serve maskless customers

Okay, folks, where are the funny masks? How about this one?

I wonder. Does he think it’s funny? Somehow I doubt it, in which case I feel sorry for him. It sure did make ME laugh.

Despite urging others to do so, I have yet to make a meme out of a mask, sorry to say. I still haven’t decided which one to use that would be funny rather than furious. Because I do think funny is best, if we want to dispel this mind-control muffling “they” are promoting to corral us into the NWO.

For example, this (an example of why Walmart isn’t going along with its own mandate now), which apparently caused a ruckus.

Fury just breeds resistance, anger, conflict, war. And anger is disguised F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real). And fear, remember, weakens the immune system.

But of course, any mask humor here has a very serious purpose,  revealed most concisely by an elderly man in Ireland in a tweet that went viral.

Last night, for the first time since 2020 turned strange, I “went out,” to attend a wonderful, invitation-only classical piano concert by Green Acres Village podmate Andreas at a nearby church which sports, of course, very strict mask requirements (except for the pianist himself, who got an exemption), not just inside, but outside, all the way out to the curb! Only 15 people were allowed to be present in person (it was livestreamed, and hopefully caught on film, not sure yet), all suitably distanced.

So I went to the fire station again yesterday morning (see recent post) and this time was able to get a mask: white, thick cloth. Yuck.

In order to actually sit there and listen to Chopin and Schubert  without going stir crazy with suffocation, I surreptitiously pulled the top of my lily white mask down past my nostrils. Brilliant, Ann! No one seemed to notice.

Before the concert I had been alerted that there would be a man at the concert who is also red-pilled, and that we should meet. When he was pointed out to me, I called across to him, sitting there looking acutely uncomfortable in his bandanna “Hey, I hear you’re red-pilled! let’s meet out at the curb at intermission!” He laughed, and agreed.

So we ripped our muzzles off and spent ten minutes finding out that we basically follow many of the same sources, including X-22 Report, SGT Report, Dave Janda, Qanon, and others. There we are, strangers in the same “silo,” I called it, “echo chamber,” he called it. We both laughed.

He didn’t know about Cathy O’Brien, who I said was my main wake-up call. His own wake-up call came very easily, he said, since his leftist attitudes during the ’60s sat uneasily on top of the conservative household values in which he was raised. So it was easy for him to switch, and felt very natural.

I didn’t tell him this, but I too was raised in a conservative household — and boy, do I wish I could talk to my deceased Dad now! — but of course,  as a (mind-controlled?) militant ’60s feminist, I rebelled against him and all he stood for. In fact, until I read Cathy O’Brien’s book, and discovered that MK Ultra mind-controlled Cathy had been trafficked to the White House and Hillary Clinton as a presidential level sex slave” during the Clinton administration, I was still a Hillary supporter.

Though I told him her book was my final wake-up call, I could have mentioned all sorts of things that had been bothering me all the way back to the Kennedy assasination. I’m sure they bothered him, too. We didn’t have time to pursue the deeper rabbit holes we’ve both been down.

He did tell me that he subscribes to “about 600 news sites” — geez! All alternative, I imagine. He doesn’t use twitter, however, which, I told him, despite censorship, is still a very valuable news aggregator, depending on who one follows.

I told him it was SO GOOD to actually talk with someone local about all this stuff that crowds my brain. He said there are plenty of people in rural Brown County (next to leftist Bloomington’s Monroe County) who are equally red-pilled, but that they don’t proclaim their politics like Bloomington leftists tend to do.

And yet, I told him, I’ve seen only three Biden for President signs anywhere in this town! We both laughed.

I had my card with me, so gave it to him. He didn’t have his card with him, so will email me. YES!

Meanwhile, rather than give you a bunch of new masks to pursue, let’s just look at this fabulous meme which is likely telling the truth about why Trump wore a mask a few times, and why he says he appreciates them. The master troll at work.

Hell, now that Trump has come out for masks (without usually wearing one, however), the leftists, who hate all things Trump with a visceral passion, might decide to take them off and quick! — especially if they grok the stable genius reasoning in the above meme.

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6 Responses to Is the Mask Mandate Mania beginning to unravel?

  1. Forgot to tell you. On Friday, David and I took a day trip to Lake Michigan. Most people were unmasked, but there were several walking EVERYWHERE wearing masks, several driving alone in their car with the windows up and the masks on. There was one woman who wore a mask IN the water. Insane.

  2. Anthony says:

    Hi Ann,

    Thought I’d send you a comment here since it looks like even my Yahoo e-mail is compromised. Last I wrote I mentioned that our work place is instituting mandatory temperature checks. They will start in two weeks. However:

    Our local union rep said that the union is challenging those tests because they are unreliable, and even if people refuse to take the test the worst that can happen is they get a nasty written letter. He even told me that he himself will not take the test, because it is supposed to be self-administered and no recordings are being made showing who took the test and when.

    So it seems that as the PTB continue to enforce increasingly insane directives, people who are being forced against the wall are growing a spine. I think this will snowball soon!

    Take care!

  3. Mel says:

    So I made myself a mask. One layer of rectangle cut cheesecloth, gathered at the long edges. Tied with twine, and a rubber band joining the twine together.
    Works Great !

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