Notes from the “Silent Majority” Underground

As the extreme strangeness of this year “heats up,” with the supposed resurgence of Covid during summer months when viruses are supposedly inactive, I see more and more the phrase “silent majority” to counteract. the extreme and, really, let’s just face it, DEMONIC violence infecting the mostly young and apparently easily taken advantage of rioters in Portland and other cities . . .

Yesterday, Press Secretary Kaleigh McEneny showed a video of the riots that should make all Americans hair stand on end.

And yet, 62% of all Americans fear sharing their political views with others (up from 58% in 2017).

What happened to free speech? Why are we so afraid of each other?

Masks and social distancing exacerbate the problem, likely by design.

Here in Bloomington, Indiana, a Democratic stronghold, I know of only four Biden for President signs in people’s yards. Not even Democrats want their political views known? Or is it because not even Democrats can stomach the idea of Biden for President.

And yet, there are clues that things might be changing. For example, A Statement from John MacArthur, and the Elders of Grace Community Church, in California, entitled

Christ, not Caesar, is Head of the Church

California Governor Newsom, amongst the Democratic governors most dictatorial, issued a new set of orders on July 13, including closing the churches.

But this Elder, John MacArthur, is having none of it. Good! What next? Will his statement turn out to be a shot across the bow for this nation’s churches that are being dictated to by state and local “authorities”?

Meanwhile, Brandon Tatum does a great job debunking the bullshit around White Privilege, one of the many ways the deep state seeks to divide us.

I can’t figure out how to get the above video itself to load, but here’s another one from last January.

Brandon Straka, who. founded WalkAway (from the increasingly crazed Democratic Party) has decided to do his part by holding Rescue America rallies.

Finally, and to me, most significant, for the last two nights, Dave of X-22 Report, which I listen to every night just prior to falling asleep, has announced his idea for how the “silent majority” who are not rioting, and appalled at the very notion of physically confronting the Antifa/BLM crazies, can move into unity. And this is to get out our U.S. flags, all of us, and put them up in our yards, silently, one by one, street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood, from sea to shining sea. Why? Because we love our beautiful country, and we refuse to see it destroyed.

Dave said last night that he’s going to be talking about this idea with every new X-22 Report. Good!

(I was very interested to see this morning that Joe M (aka Define Projection) whom I trust very much as an authoritative voice who¬† connected to Q in some way, singled out the X-22 Report for kudos. Unfortunately, I can’t no longer locate that tweet.)

Displaying the flag IS an action we can easily take. And I plan on doing so. Unity is what is required, not division, if we are to have any hope of successfully surfing the extremely turbulent emotional waters of this Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto year.

Unfortunately, the flag I own is a corporate version (logos of corporations in place of stars), which I used to carry in 4th of July parades. While I still realize that corporatism owns America, first things first. I will get a regular flag for this purpose.

It’s important, I feel, for us to see/feel the immensely significant context of current events, and that is this: unless Trump wins re-election, America and the rest of the world will fall into the greedy hands of the global deep state that has been planning to clamp the entire world into a malevolent NWO for, literally, decades.

If he wins, we are still in danger, but at least then, we will have a fighting chance to pull out before the curtain falls on not only this remarkable experiment in democracy but all the others around the world.

I look at this entire world-wide drama in context of the fact that this year’s Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction process in Capricorn introduces the six year Pluto in Capricorn conjunction process with its own natal place in the U.S. A. chart. This first ever return of Pluto to its own natal place since this nation’s birth in 1776 heralds a death and, hopefully, rebirth process never seen before or since, one which will set the direction for the next 248 years.


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