BOOM BOOM BOOM!!! Current Disclosures Ensure The Great Awakening

Note: Another “Boom” post went out to subscribers last night and unfortunately, still shows up in the column on the right of the cover page. Actually I deleted that post immediately since I mistakenly published it rather than just saving as a draft. That post, up for only one second, was just a series of short notes to myself. Here is the real BOOM post.

And BTW: I could have put a question mark behind the title of this post. But you know what? Somehow I didn’t feel like hedging my bets this time. 

Last Monday’s powerful July New Moon that illuminated the nearly-year-long rare and potent Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto trio appears to have introduced a flood of disclosure of various kinds.

For example, I found this news in numerous places on twitter yesterday evening and this morning.

Also, the same judge who ordered Epstein files destroyed a few days ago  yesterday ordered the Ghislaine Epstein-related files opened. Huh? The more than 80 files include the flight logs to Epstein’s island. If the appeal doesn’t work, the files are due to be opened by July 30.

And how about this:

Soon after Trump signs the EO preventing on-line censorship, Dorsey deleted thousands upon thousands of Q-related  twitter accounts. What gives? Did he break the law?

Along with other tech CEOs, Dorsey has been invited to speak before the House Anti-Trust committee on Monday.  Good luck with that, Jim Jordan!

BTW: not only did twitter red-pill huge numbers of people formerly on the fence about Q, twitter is now mulling over a subscription-based service, since ad revenues have suddenly declined drastically.  

Whip-lash karma?

And finally, Tucker Carlson said last night that he was getting ready to talk about UFOs on tonight’s broadcast. Not surprised. After all, “they” need another FF disguised as real disclosure, and it will, no doubt, be “threat-oriented,” in order to distract from all the horrific disclosure from both wikileaks and Ghislaine docs — because they’ve just GOT to keep the fear-porn rolling, and Covid and BLM/antifa riots may be running out of steam.

Remember folks, this info will be coming from the CIA. Even the NYT had a piece of propaganda on it. So be forewarned. While courageous Tucker seems to be addicted to truth-telling these days, I doubt he’s that familiar with the various ins and outs of UFO/ET disclosure.

Independent citizen investigator Jordan Sather IS, however; in fact anything having to do with space is one of his passions.

Want more? Check THIS out.


Housemate Dan, about a week ago: “What kind of new distraction do you think they will offer?”

Me: “Something to do with space.”




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