How Portland now connects to Evergreen State then

Experimental Evergreen State College was one of the very few colleges that interested me as an alternative to New College of California, from which I was fired after one year in 1973 as “too experimental.” But I decided not to pursue applying there, given that I was already moving in a direction — learning the language of astrology — way too edgy for even experimental colleges.

A few years ago I got wind of weird goings-on at Evergreen, but didn’t really look into it. Something about a political uproar, resulting in the firing of a popular professor who refused to go along with the emerging administrative direction of the college.

This morning, during my 4 AM wakeup, I happened upon a podcast with Bret Weinstein, speaking with Matt Taibbi, but only stayed with it long enough to recognize that Weinstein was way more radical than even rapidly evolving Taibbi in his views of what is and is not possible, given today’s polarized, instantly triggered political climate. Instead, I decided to research what happened at Evergreen, according to Weinstein, and came upon this. Very interesting!

Bonfire of the Academies: Two Professors on how Leftist Intolerance is Killing Higher Education 

I was especially interested in their report on how the campus culture began to insidiously morph when a new president was hired . . .

For a generalized view of leftist bias on campus (as of 2018), see this:

Red Alert: Liberalism is rampant on campus and ruining academia

From there I segued to Weinstein’s latest podcast, done with his wife, Heather Heying, also a Professor of Biology at Evergreen who left when her husband was fired.

What strikes me about both of these people is their restrained passion, offering logical, analytic, and contextualized approaches to what’s going on in Portland now, plus, his ability and willingness to change his mind when one of his commentators wrote in to present an alternative view of the federal response to the Portland rioters (an alternative view which, BTW, is echoed by Dave in a recent X22 Report).

Weinstein reminds me of Chris Hedges, who also has an unremittedly, and extremely articulate, bleak assessment of the future. This, what I would call “Lack of Vision, which implies “The People Perish,” is common to those who think deeply about the downhill direction of this culture without recognizing that the solution to all our problems lies in reconnecting with our bodies and to Earth, directly under our quivering feet! PERMACULTURE. As one who enjoys living in one of the tiny little intentional “growing community from the ground up” lotus blossoms peeking up through the mud of generalized and rapidly increasing cultural decay, I feel for those who cannot see/feel beyond their growing despair.

That said, this couples’ nuanced views of what’s going on in downtown Portland, their new hometown, over the last 50-plus nights is well worth listening to. (I’ve only listened to half this podcast, and plan the rest sometime today).

Already, they are making me rethink my current tendency to see networking and decentralization as THE solution to the bugaboo we call “hierarchy” (and the NWO as the “final solution” to the “problem” of fractious human beings all of whom want their way!). While I always attempt to integrate two sides of any coin, that integration needs to be dynamic, tending first in one direction and then in the other, back and forth, back and forth, hopefully in evolutionary fashion, spiraling both down and up, including more and more . . .

Wonderfully ironic that both these people used to be employed as Professors of Evolutionary Biology at Evergreen State . . .








and how politically correct racial “equity” has now infected all institutions (see dark horse podcast with Bret Weinstein)


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  1. thymia17 says:

    Glad to see you discovered them! Lots of people have contacted them with their own similar stories. Australian filmmaker Mike Nayna has done work in this area too (and knows Weinstein/Heying.

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