BOOM-erang! Twitter Just Proved Q Is The Real Deal

Why? Because overnight, this happened, as gleefully noted by the MSM.

We humans are naturally curious. Whatever is forbidden becomes  enticing, even to those who previously paid little or no attention. Remember the story of Pandora’s Box? Now we call it the “Streisand Effect,” or, less colorfully, just one more clever “boomerang effect.”

Hmmm. Does that mean that Jack Dorsey is unwittingly promoting Q? Or wittingly? Could he be a “white hat” in disguise? I doubt it. But who knows these days when confusion is the name of the game and whoever doesn’t confess to it once in a while is likely lying.

Notice how Jack has drawn attention to the enormous number of Q-related twitter accounts. Huh? I wonder what “7000 banned and 150000 limited” translates to in terms of how many millions of people are now following Q, worldwide, after two years and nearly nine months.

Obviously, if Q were merely a larp (live action role play) there would be no need to suppress, censor, or ban outright. Rather, as controlled opposition, Q would be secretly welcomed by Big Tech dictocrats in league with the Deep State and its propaganda- spewing MSM.

In case you’re still wondering . . .


If Antifa and BLM are the military ground soldiers of the Deep State that wants Trump gone, by any means necessary, including continuously pumped up scamdemic, on or before November 3, then General Flynn and his digital soldier researcher anons are the military ground troops of those who would speak truth to power. Remember:

Hmmm . .  . is a class action suit required to reverse this travesty that proves twitter is not a neutral platform but a publisher?

If so,

How long before Q either returns to the alphabet or is joined “on the outs” by other letters in it.

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6 Responses to BOOM-erang! Twitter Just Proved Q Is The Real Deal

  1. James says:

    >>Hmmm. Does that mean that Jack Dorsey is unwittingly promoting Q? Or wittingly? >>Could he be a “white hat” in disguise? I doubt it.

    That little twit Dorsey? No, he’s definitely not a white hat. He’s a technocrat. The oligarch technocrats are the ones behind all the current censorship in social media, and full partners in the covid world-hijacking attempt. Good discussion here with Spiro Skouras and Patrick Wood about the rise of Technocracy and where they’re trying to take this. Very disturbing. A lot of the Q-crowd just thinks “Democrats” and “Deep State” are the problem, but it’s much wider than that…

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Thanks, James. Yuck. Haven’t watched it yet, but have known, since the 1960s, that developments of Artificial Intelligence have been slowly heating the human frog to a roiling boil.

  2. firegirl says:

    This was quite the headline, indeed!

    I’m curious, what do you make of President Trump’s comments yesterday Re: Jeffrey Epstein child sex trafficker/procurer Ghislaine Maxwell? When asked, he said he had known her in Palm Beach and wished her well— “I just wish her well, frankly.”

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