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I still haven’t had to go to grocery store yet, so haven’t had to figure out “what I shall wear” for my debut event. Leaning towards just wearing my patriotic hat and a bandanna until my Trump/JFK Jr 2020 mask arrives. BTW: why did they even say at the outset that it would take until mid-august to arrive, when I ordered it on July 5th? Huh? Or, don’t they want this mask publicized until JFK Jr. appears? Don’t want to give advance notice? Hmmmm.

Meanwhile, today, I received a comment from Chris, who sent along an extraordinary little video that to me, “proves” the person I had picked out (“not Vincent Fusca”) is the real JFK Jr. Please do watch. Amazing!

Trump has now joined the maskers, or at least he appears to have joined. Might this be in order to troll the fear/rage fomenting TDS folks, so that now, not wanting to be like him, they will — quick!— remove their masks!?! Serious question!

While I like to keep a light-hearted spirit in the face of even the increasingly obvious NWO “1984” rollout that masks and other “rules” about the scamdemic present, Martin Geddes, one of my favorite twitter accounts, prefers defiance. So I add, how about light-hearted defiance? Because of course, using humor to make fun of attempted tyranny is perhaps our best shot at dispelling it. Plus, if we really can adopt and keep a humorous attitude, then we retain a measure of detached awareness. Defiance without humor is in danger or sliding into the kind of fury powering Antifa and other Soros-funded, leftist gangs. Plus: fury, folks, hurts the liver. And therefore, like all strong negative emotions (including FEAR), weakens the immune system.

A few more ideas bring us up to date on masks. First, to twitter, this: Love the lettuce mask!

And this, from BOB, who commented:

I’m stunned by the obviousness of the I Can’t Breathe idea. Puts a wonderfully ironic twist to the entire BLM/Antifa riot saga. Surprised there aren’t millions of them already. As for the other ideas? The more salacious and disgusting, the better! Nobody ever said humor can’t be disgusting.

Finally, Ben Garrison reminds us of the critical nature of the choices we make right now as those of us who are “required” sally forth, meaningfully masked, into the public eye.

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  1. James says:

    >I’m stunned by the obviousness of the I Can’t Breathe idea. Puts a wonderfully
    >ironic twist to the entire BLM/Antifa riot saga. Surprised there aren’t millions
    >of them already.

    There are a number of them available for sale on TeeSpring. Probably other places as well. The lack of people wearing this slogan is probably because so many DO NOT support the way BLM/Antifa has been rioting, looting and burning our cities. I know that’s why I would never wear one with that particular slogan. That said, this one with the addition of a skull & crossbones image comes across as a bit less indicative of those organizations, if someone *really* wanted to wear a mask with that slogan…

    I went thru all their masks designs and bookmarked some provocative ones a few days ago. Here are a few I found that try to get the censorship/tyranny point across:

    here’s your Hannibal Lecter mask

    and finally, an old favorite from the OWS days – the Guy Fawkes mask

    You can design your own mask that says anything you want (within reason I guess – I’m sure they probably have obscenity rules), if you sign up for an account. If you come up with a really good one that resonates with people and you promote it on your social media, you might even make a few bucks off it.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      I see what you mean about the I Can’t Breathe mask. But yes, a skull and bones, or some other indication . . . I’ll digest the rest of your research for next mask post. Thanks so much!

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