As the Great Awakening occurs, so does my capacity to have fun with Covid

There are many indications that this will be a week to remember, when The Great Awakening (a Q phrase) cracks open the majority who have been sleeping or in denial until very recently, when the pedophilia and SRA angle slowly, and then faster and faster, began to not just surface, but to begin to dominate the news, to the point where hardly anyone can still live in denial that something very wrong has been going on. See, for example, this video  (on which you can clearly see an ankle monitor on Justin Trudeau as he walks down the street!). The video was sent to me by the same old friend from yesterday’s post about his Placebo Argument for masking around others.

I had just this morning told housemate Dan exactly that: this week will be a week to remember, as we  witness and experience a major turning point. Much that has been hidden will be come into the light. I was saying this based on intuition, on excitement in my twitter feed, and especially, because Mercury has just turned to go direct after three weeks retrograde.

I hadn’t even looked up the more specific astrological indications until this afternoon, when I checked my ephemeris and realized that the Sun, today, at 22° Cancer, exactly opposes Jupiter at 22° Capricorn and is only one degree from exactly opposing Pluto (23°)  tomorrow. The Sun illuminates whatever it touches. One week from tomorrow Sun will reach its exact opposition to the third member of this astonishing year’s karmic trio, Saturn (26°).

Meanwhile, Mercury turned on Sunday the 12th at 5° Cancer, only three degrees from squaring Mars at 8° Aries. Mercury starts off slowly, but will catch up with Mars by the time they are both at 16° of their respective signs: next Monday, July 28th.  I expect an ever increasing amount of energetic, at times hostile, and always direct communication of people, events, agendas, etc. which have been hidden to reach the surface and become exposed, even on mainstream news.

Today, Lori Weiss, a journalist  hired three years ago as part of the editorial team at the New York Times, quit, and wrote a scathing letter as to why which she posted to her website. Google it, the full letter is all over even the international press. 

Even one excerpt from this letter should make everyone who still reads that so-called “paper of record” pause, unless of course, they are wedded to “confirmation bias” of their own liberal, progressive perspective:


Then, this afternoon, I see that Ghislaine Maxwell was denied bail, and must remain imprisoned until her scheduled trial on July 12, 2021. Will she live to see that day?

This afternoon, Dan and I finally got around to going to Menard’s to pick out a new toilet, badly needed, and don’t ask why.

While there, and once again masked, since it’s required, I saw a section called Patriotic teeshirts, and noticed that it also contained hats! Hmmm . . . so I bought one,  as part of my controlavirus outfit, for public showing.

I see it as a kind of a subtle MAGA hat in this leftist town. And will go very well with my new Trump/JFK Jr. 2020 mask, due here any day. Plus of course, if I want to go over the top, my Q teeshirt. YES!

Here’s the hat, atop an open, dog-eared ephemeris on my desk.

Amazingly enough, I hadn’t even put the hat on, but was carrying it to the checkout line when a oldish masked man stopped and exclaimed, “I like the hat!” I looked at him more carefully. “Love your mask,” I said. “Yes, Marine mask,” he responded, obviously proud of his service. “My wife’s sister made it for me.”

Already, parts of my new Covid outfit are drawing strangers in for conversation, despite our masks!

Then, Dan and I were in Aldi’s on the way home, and had just come out of the store. It’s a place I do not wear a mask, but since most people do, I feel resigned to little or no communication with others. But, I had my new hat on. And on our way back to his truck with our new toilet in back, a masked woman got out of her car and said, “Are you Mrs. Kerr?” “No, I’m not.” “Well, you look like her, she is a farmer’s wife.”

“Maybe I have a double!” I exclaimed. We both laughed. Then sotto voce to Dan: “I love being mistaken for a farmer, but please, not the farmer’s wife.”

Once again, the hat had provoked an easy communication between strangers where in this so-called masked “New Normal” none was expected.

I’m beginning to have fun with this strange new trip we’re all on.

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6 Responses to As the Great Awakening occurs, so does my capacity to have fun with Covid

  1. Bruce Tompkins says:

    I agree. It is a strange trip and we should have fun with it.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      The more I play with the situation, the more I sense that we can turn it on its ear. That by masking, for example, when we make memes out of our masks, we are paradoxically unmasking what we really feel. Which draws others to us, since they also want to unmask their own reticence to be truly themselves.

  2. Sylvia says:

    Have you heard of Udo Ulfkotte, the German journalist who wrote a book about how all of journalism is bought?
    He said he could risk it because the has no children. He is now dead.
    Haven’t read it myself (yet) but apparently his book was best sold book in Germany for a while, during which no paper was allowed to report on it lol.
    Not sure if there is a translation into English, but there should be of course.

    • Suzanne says:

      How did he pass? Normally, or did his car veer into traffic even though his brake lights were on; hanging from a scarf on a doorknob; with two bullets in the back of the head…..

  3. The Billionaire’s Revolution – The Children’s Version.

    …. And on the appointed day no one showed up.

    So the minions lit their signal fires as planned, to tell the people the Revolution was taking place. One a solitary passerby mumbled, it’s the wrong revolution, don’t you know?

    The bankers breathed a big sigh of relief.

    The people needed to find a leader who would actually identify the problem, but all the leaders were in debt to the bankers and were all afraid to awaken the Devil. Even the great leader was in debt. So the real revolution never started.

    The people did not understand and vengeance was in their hearts. “There are plenty of things you could hate,” said the Devil. And the Devil pointed them in many directions, but never once at the real problem.

    We like vengeance, said the minions. Show us more. And the Devil showed them all the things they could do, and it gave the minions great satisfaction.

    The Devil then sat down to rest and reflect on his great work.

    A piece of paper blew past where the Devil was resting and as he glanced down he caught sight of the handwriting on the note as it blew past his feet.

    As he read the note he froze in terror.

    “Dear John, You cheated on me and broke my heart. I will always love you. I forgive you. Mary”

    From that moment on the Devil was changed.

    He saw humanity in Mary and saw that humans are able to be hurt and still love and forgive.

    Humility was a new experience for the Devil.

    He thought he could hear the bell ringing but wasn’t certain. The breeze had become a wind and was blowing in a different direction.

    “Better the Devil you know,” said the passerby, I’m still voting for Trump.

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