More Mask Mania, mid-July 2020

Note: See David Icke on Mask Mania

The AT&T tech guy was here yesterday. Asked if should wear his mask when he came inside. Of course I said no. He looked grateful. While he was working I decided to ask: what percentage of people here in (academic) Bloomington ask you to wear the mask inside their homes. “About 20 %,”  he said, which both surprised and thrilled me. Has that percentage gone down from a few months ago? “Yes.”

So, while more people are virtue signaling by wearing a mask in grocery and other stores (about 80% I’d say), only 20% require him to put one on when he enters  their homes. Okay, does that mean the majority in the middle are actually waking up? Sure hope so!

P.S. I thought masks were mandatory in stores already here, but it turns out that the new order was confusing, and that’s the way CVS interpreted it. However, the mayor (who took the antibody test a few days ago and tested positive) said in the local paper today he hopes and thinks they will be mandatory in this town very soon.

Hmmm . . .  But,  in the same Sunday edition, a front page story titled “Doctors:  Antibody tests offer little help” one doc says that the antibody tests “don’t reveal much.” because “we don’t know what the test results mean clinically.” Another doc adds, “A positive doesn’t really for sure say that you had it, because it could be a false positive” . .  .”A negative test doesn’t really exclude the possibility that you had it, either. Some. people don’t develop antibodies.” So, the docs say, for now, the best bet is wear your mask, keep your distance,  and stay away from crowds. Interesting that these particular doctors (unlike many in the alternative media, like the utterly amazing Zach Bush, for example) don’t seem to be using their discovery to begin to entice them down the covid psy-op rabbit hole, and instead still refer to the CDC as authoritative. Gag.

How’s this for an idea for a mask anywhere it’s “required”: cheesecloth!

One Colorado town is now putting on a. threatening mask of its own:

Colorado Town Threatens Up to A Year in Jail for People Who Don’t wear Masks

And here’s an editorial I heartily agree with.




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2 Responses to More Mask Mania, mid-July 2020

  1. Sylvia says:

    That same waking times has an article about trump teaming up with GAVI/bill gates:

    Not very encouraging is it

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yeah, I wonder about that also, but still think Trump is set in the right direction, is likely playing them in some way. But who knows?

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