As Masking accelerates, so does the process of Unmasking . . .

Do you notice how, as the official insistence on MASKING in various localities (including my own) accelerates, so does the relentless dynamic of  UNMASKING the vile corruption that riddles our world?

The two go together, tandem, hand in gloved hand, masking and unmasking.

What’s that all about, eh?

For one summary of swamp draining (unmasking) this week (through July 9) see this thread:

Yesterday, July 10, brought more huge news, this time about $10K  #Wayfair  “cabinets” linked to actual missing children — and it spread like wildfire. Indeed, it appears that normies may finally be waking up to how millions of children worldwide, aided by the internet, are being sacrificed.

But of course:

Well, perhaps.

Remember the June 25th White House Report on Human Trafficking?

US Government Accuses 20 Countries of Dismal. Record on Human Trafficking

Apparently, Romania was one of the countries called out, and guess what? As if by magic, this, on July 3:

Romania Dismantles Third Human Trafficking Ring in Four Days

I advise when you scroll through all the above, you leave your mask off, as you might suffocate on all the extra CO2 you exhale while gasping and gagging, not to mention the vomit that will surge up from below.

Relentless Saturn/Pluto works in mysterious ways to purge the poison from both the body and the body politic.

But then, of course, do wear your righteous, politically correct mask when you go outside. It helps to disguise your shock and awe and sheer horror at what goes on “behind the scenes” (i.e. masked) when in public. You don’t want all the other masked ones to catch on to the unmasking, do you?

Or do you.

Oh geez . . . more  . . . check out the thread that follows this tweet.



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