JFK Jr. alive? More clues . . .

NOT Vincent Fusca . . .

Back in May, Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot had a very powerful dream, after which she realized, no matter how crazy people think she is: JFK Jr. IS alive.

Yesterday, a tik tok video on twitter claimed to show that JFK Jr. is indeed alive. And from the way RFK Jr. touched his nose in response to the question, the gesture does indeed seem to be deliberate. Don’t know how to get the tik tok video, but it is included here:

Gregg Prescott of InD5 put a whole bunch of clues together, including the RFK Jr. gesture, the amazing cover and relevant contents  of the final George magazine, plus a message from one of the people who searched the plane wreckage for bodies way back in July 1999.


Now that I’ve got my Q teeshirt, I’m chomping at the bit for the arrival of my Trump 2020 JFK Jr. mask!

The first will attract other (rare) Q folks in this academic town, the mask will get the others laughing at my foolishness. Not bad, for two wearable memes as I shuffle about this muffled town.

And who knows! Both might eventually end up as collector’s items, archeological evidence of the strange historical moment when the human race WOKE UP in the middle of its final MK Ultra programming to acquiesce to the New World Order and instead, TOOK CHARGE.

Each of us a unique, wildly expressive beautiful individual, sovereign.

All of us together, hearts beating as one.


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7 Responses to JFK Jr. alive? More clues . . .

  1. Marian Goodman says:

    Dear Ann, thank you, as always, for your wonderful insights. We are rivetted by this photo, NOT Vincent Fusca, but you refrain from telling us who this picture actually is. We are intrigued. His ear is an exact copy of that of JFK jr. Please, please do tell. Much love, Marian and Bill, Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia. Xx

  2. Marian Goodman says:

    We’re particularly wondering where you came across the photo. Any link?

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      I’ve seen that photo probably four times in different contexts, over the past few months. Sorry, can’t remember where I got it from this time. Perhaps somewhere on twitter? Go to #JFKJrlives and other #JFK sites, and you might find it and other similar photos there.

  3. Marian Goodman says:

    That’s really exciting Chris. Would you be able to share the link of your YouTube? Or send it to my email?

  4. Marian Goodman says:

    Oh. Now I see it’s there already. Fab. Thanks!

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