Brand New QAnon Teeshirt show and tell, plus . . .

My beautiful blue QAnon teeshirt arrived late yesterday, just after I went out in back to remove dried clothes from the line. Happened to look up. Oops!

When, oh when, will the whole world wake up to the fact that not only our soil and water, but our very breath is compromised, and not just by stupid psy-op masks.

Okay, here goes. Might my new teeshirt help as I navigate around this leftist academic town where likely hardly anyone has ever heard of Qanon? Or if they have, it’s because of growing allegations in various mainstream news sources that Qanon is controlled opposition, fake, a cult, a larp, or any combination of the four?

For Bernard Guenther’s long, fascinating essay on just how his own slowly evolving paradigm shift occured, including confessing his own “confirmation bias,” see this:

Q Anon — The Great Awakening:  Psy-Op or the Real Deal?

My hope (hopium?):  someone around here will see me in this teeshirt and come up, want to talk. Really talk. Am I a foolish optimist? Always. It’s in the Sagittarian DNA, and I’ve got not only the Sun, but the Ascendant and Mars in that sign. Frankly, were it not for this continuous perspective-expanding essential nature of mine, I wouldn’t be able to also delve into the horrific and long-standing child porn, pedophilia, trafficking of humans, organs, fetuses and adrenalized blood taken via satanic ritual abuse, snuff films, and murder — all for the purpose of blackmail. Nor would I dare to focus on, for example, Cathy O’Brien’s account of her MK Ultra programming and early life as a presidential sex slave assigned to the White House in Trance Formation of America, a book that woke me up around the turn of the millennium like no other before or since.

The key is to be as aware of the dark as of the light. Both are real in a world where polarity rules. It’s our capacity to span the space between them that counts, if we wish to maintain sanity as this mad mad world awakens from the mind-controlled trance that Big Media, Big Pharma/Med, Big Ed, Big Business, Big (celebrity driven) Entertainment, Big Banks, etc. have held us in since at least the 20th century.

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