THIS REVOLUTIONARY MOMENT: Here for each of us to grab hold

Please remember that the prevailing J/S/P (Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto) conjunction is but prelude to the first return of the planet Pluto to its own natal place in the U.S. chart after 248 years.

We are being asked, as settlers were when this nation was born, to function again as revolutionaries — and not by tearing anything down in the outer world, not by hating other human beings, organizations and institutions of all kinds; and especially, not by staying disconnected from our own beautiful bodies, from each other and from our beautiful Mother Earth. But rather, let us tear down the internal mind-controlled walls of ego that separate us, not just from each other, but from our own deeper selves.

Let us recognize this revolutionary moment in 2020, when we are tasked with lifting the ancient veils that obscure our Clear Vision as the opening act of a divine multi-year play, during which we collectively and cooperatively decide the fate of the Earth.

The first step, initiated via J/S/P, involves the alchemical process of penetrating to, and then grabbing hold, each of us, of who we really are internally, and to begin to courageously express our individual selves as a unique soul essence.

Why are YOU here? What is YOUR contribution to this swelling surge of both aliveness and awareness expressed unconsciously as outbreaks of protest and violence? Instead, let us express our burgeoning aliveness and awareness consciously, with divine intent!

What specific skills, experiences, memories, talents, do YOU bring to bear to help focus and give shape to our common destiny? What synchronicities, dreams, visions, intuitions, sudden, unexpected improvisational words, deeds, and connections are subtly or blatantly informing you of your own unlimited hidden essence as you begin to begin, step by conscious step, on the magic brick road from here to eternity?

It’s up to US, in the U.S. 

As the U.S. goes, so goes the world.

I thank my brother-in-law John for sharing this very inspiring post:

I Am Having Revolutionary Thoughts

Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na)

July 3rd, 2020  |  34 Comments

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Joette Calabrese


After all, today in the U.S., we celebrate our independence, which was hard-won 200+ years ago.

Now, two centuries later, we live in a time of over-reaching government mandates on how we are to live our lives, on what determines health and on how health ought to be addressed.

All of this has stirred me up. Does that mean I take to the streets? For some, it may be time to do that.

But my action forward is more aimed toward the family. For me, the more government mandates, the more I hunker down.

As a homeopathic educator, practitioner, mom, and neighbor, my thinking takes me home.

Allow me to elaborate.

Home is where the wounded return. It’s where we regenerate. It’s where we soothe our ills and build our spirit. It’s the place of preparation well in advance of upcoming skirmishes.

My strategy is not one of the arms our forefathers bore. No.

My weaponry is in my homeopathic medical library.

My ammunition lies in waiting in my homeopathic medicine cabinet.

My artillery is in my homeopathic knowledge.

This is how I protect my freedoms. How I protect my family and their health.

It’s the tactic I rely on to prepare for siege. I turn my outrage to study. I turn my indignation to building connections and establishing relationships with like-minded thinkers and like-minded doers.

To “mother” in this fashion is a political act. It’s my form of civil disobedience. And equally important is my ability to spread the word from one woman to another, from one family to another.

Over the past several months that I’ve been working on my new kids’ homeopathy curriculum, I’ve been thinking deeply about how the core of my message translates specifically to the education of our children.

As most of you know, I have a desire to foster values such as self-reliance, resourcefulness, can-do attitudes, “guts, spunk and moxie” (as I often put it), and yes, independence.

Many thinkers have opined that some of the deepest problems we see in our culture today have arisen from how we as a society have been parenting our children.

We’ve transitioned from being a society in which children went out and played unsupervised with other children in their neighborhood – making up their own games with their own rules, mediating disputes between themselves, building things and problem-solving on their own – to being a society that keeps children within a rigid framework of adult-organized activities.

This new style of child time-management has resulted in a generation of young adults whose first instinct is not to build and construct, not to creatively problem-solve, but rather, to appeal to authority to mediate and fix things for them.

And this is not just a problem among young people. It seems that we, as a country, are collectively moving toward an attitude of powerlessness.

Of waiting to see who will step up to clean up the mess because the mess seems too big and too overwhelming.

But the wisest people I know say that the first step to tackling large problems is to start small. Clean up our bedroom. Repair a bicycle.

Build a chicken coop. Treat that poison ivy rash on our own, at home.  Foster a constructive culture of building and creating, not one of merely tearing things down and demanding that others fix our problems.

So, my message to you is let’s not let these world events render us submissive, nor needy of authorities.

Instead, stoke your embers and fuel your declaration of independence; in yourself and in your children.


Joette Calabrese

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