My Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto again, re: FLEA FEEDBACK . . . and more!

I’ve felt deeply supported in my Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto ordeal since yesterday’s post. In fact, have already instituted new protocols, all of them either adapted or outright taken from readers’ comments: 1) drop flea stuff from combing in water and flush down toilet;  2) raw meat (organic hamburger) with cooked vegie diet with probiotic and brewer’s yeast (atop regular Aldi kibble, rather than the canned stuff), ordered several products:  a neem dog and cat spray, a chewy dog treat (with brewer’s yeast and probiotic), and what I sense is probably the most important, from Joanne Decker:

Both the Flea Free supplement and the dog treats offer what I seek, an internal solution to the problem, making him less attractive to fleas. Just as I work internally on my own immune system to make me less attractive to whatever viruses happen to be floating around . . .

Thanks  everybody!

BTW: I vacuumed thoroughly again this morning (after only two days). My thought is that once Shadow becomes less attractive all the rest of us (cat and humans) will be fair game for the fleas that are still in the house. So even more vigilance required with vacuuming!

I’ve noticed that during this J/S/P (Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto) year, I have even more capacity than usual for sustained focus on whatever I set my body/mind/spirit to accomplish. That’s for any time frame, short, medium, or long.

Anyone else notice this very positive feature of  J/S/P in your life? If so, maybe give an example in the comment section?

Also, given how I’ve been supported in this FLEA ordeal, via this cooperative display among equals, each with his or her own individual perspective offering various wonderful suggestions for me who reached out to others, do you notice how this mutual interchange prefigures the coming Jupiter/Saturn entrance into Aquarius on the Winter Solstice, December 21? Can you imagine our collective joy and abundance once we really do incorporate this paradigm switch, as a society, from top-down, winner-take-all competition to mutual horizontal networks of cooperation? Can you imagine what we will accomplish, once this miracle really takes hold?

Meanwhile, let us all stay weird rather than let the masked ones take over. Okay?

And meanwhile, let’s laugh some more, probably the best immune-system-building antidote to the fear mongering that continues to be pushed, via masks, social distancing, etc. Indeed, right now they are attempting to issue orders to schools that will muffle both kids and teachers, as well as make sure they stay isolated. As Amazing Polly pointed out in a new video, is this not the very definition of torture?

Here’s the inimitable JP Sears again. Think I’ll order one of his new Stay Weird shirts . . .


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4 Responses to My Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto again, re: FLEA FEEDBACK . . . and more!

  1. Wade Hyde says:

    If you have an infestation in your house this is amazing and you can actually SEE results. Fill a shallow dish with water and mix a few drops of dawn dish washing liquid in it set it on the floor with a lamp shining on it overnight. In the morning the dish will be full of dead fleas. This is the only thing I would use Dawn for except to get grease out of fabric. Never on dishes!
    Cedar oil also repels fleas.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      That’s how I use the Victor Ultimate flea glue traps (they also have a tiny light), just to stay apprised of where we’re at in the house. As I said in the first article, there are way more fleas caught in the flue trap I have near the front door, which is why I think Shadow is bringing them in. But: your method doesn’t require any output for contraptions! Too bad I already have the contraptions! Thanks so much.

  2. Hi Again! You can also put the Flea Free in the cats water to prevent them from
    attracting the fleas. Most cats take to it right away; some take adjustment; but
    it is worth it.

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